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  1. Hi guys, I am trying to play on your Exile Oceania hive 2 server and all I get is processing character and then after 3 to 5 min it comes up with connection lost can anyone help me with this thanks.
  2. hi I have a team of 3 to people how have played flat out since we got out whitelisted keys and would love to continue testing/playing the mod
  3. soz I went off the script that insertcoins put up about cherno hill
  4. All I get is wait for host can anyone help?
  5. Hi guys is there any way to run this with the wai missions, can I just drop the fmission in the wai mission folder
  6. Hi guys I was just thinking out side the box the other day and I was thinking, is there any way to make the traders not trade in gold and silver but in ammo. I was thinking ksvk or as50 rounds could be your high currency and pistol ammo could be a lower currency just a thought any way I could get this to work let me know. Thanks guys
  7. have you set the ai to free for all because I had this prob and the ai were killing each other and ai prob despawing
  8. Hi mate first off love your ai missions but i have a problem when players have got the bandit camo skin and a few other skins on the ai will not shoot or react to them is there a fix for this thanks mate
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