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  1. adding !="PVDZE_bank_Save" after !="PVDZE_obj_getlocalVars" should do the trick
  2. Single Currency Base Maintenance using Souls I have made some quick changes to the default Epoch maintain_area file to enable the maintaining of bases with gold coins instead of gold bars. I haven't had much time to give it a thorough test, but it seems to be working fine for me with the limited testing I have done with it. It works in the same way as before but now players will need to have enough gold coins in their wallet in order to perform the maintain action instead of gold in their inventory. The cost of maintaining can be changed inside the file to whatever you would like to set. Also, this was made for a server using Soul's variant 1 HiveExt.dll, since that is what I believe Zupa intends to use for his 2.0 SC update. If anybody would like to use it: 1. Download the file from the link below, and extract the maintain_area.sqf to your mission PBO in a location of your choice (i used a folder called custom) 2. Then search inside your custom fn_selfActions for: and change to: you will obviously need to alter the folder name if you save it to a location other than 'custom'. Full credit to AxeCop for the original script, all i've made are some changes for SC Cheers! McGough maintain_area.zip
  3. my last column was 'infected' too, which is what i changed the 'last_updated' to. seems to work fine
  4. off the top of my head, 1. Gold coins can be withdrawn and deposited at an open safe/lockbox and at one of the banking locations on the map (zupas files include bank locations for chernarus). The default ATM object is a laptop, which is what you will find at the bank locations 2. yes 3. At a trader you can sell 1 gold bar for 1000 coins 4.
  5. Same result for me too. They get deleted from the DB if they are destroyed ingame, just no damage recorded.
  6. just delete the lines you don't want to display. I've never used the asremix hud, but i think the main part should look something like this? _vitals ctrlSetStructuredText parseText format [" <t size='0.9'> %1 </t><img size='0.8' align='right' image='addons\playerhud\icons\dollars.paa'/><br/> <t size='0.9'> %2 </t><img size='0.8' align='right' image='addons\playerhud\icons\equip_safe_CA.paa'/><br/>", AsReMixhud_headshots, Zupa_bank ];
  7. I also had the same problem and it turned out to be my mistake. I hadn't correctly diffmerged my existing server files with the new ones so i went through each file again to double check. I can't recall which one it was but i had missed an }; somewhere which broke the vaults. if i had to guess it was either server_UpdateObject or server_functions
  8. maybe missing an " after the epochconfig.sqf ?
  9. nice! although i think there is a typo on line 42? - "metal_floor_kit Z"
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