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  1. I read it somewhere in the forum post but to fix the bouncing back into the air you can disable sntiteleport cheat in @epochhive folder in teh file epochah.hpp then set antihack_antiTeleportCheck = "true"; false to disable antiTeleport checks.
  2. Not using infiSTAR, I applied your latest code and it does work but now I am getting the "Land and warp back up 10000m issue seen in earlier posts. Progress...
  3. So I got missions working, I got the status bar working, but I can't seem to get the spawner to work. Same issue as before. I walk into teleporter, dialogue pops up, I select Random gear, Random Location, I do NOT teleport and dialogue pops back up again. This same behavior occurs no matter what location or gear I select. @Ghostrider [GRG] i used your files on github. Not sure why the teleport is not executing.
  4. Yeah, I am not sure where the actual teleport happens in the script. Between this and the mission system not starting, it seems like I might be having another issue all together. If I have time tonight I am going to drop this script and create a new vanilla Epoch Test environment with JUST the mission system and zero changes. Once I get that working I am going to add back in teh status bar. Once those are working nice, I am going to revert back to vanilla and try to get this working in 1.3.1 with the default teleport tubes. Hopefully I will understand more by then about how these scripts are called and how they are functioning.
  5. Welp, now I get the dialogue on my local test server, but I am back to when I double click on something it takes me nowhere. I should note that I disabled Battleye, and have no antihack system in place currently.
  6. He-Man I tried that as well but when I go into the teleporters, I do not get the dialogue. I just stand there...
  7. So, I got all the dialogues working, but when I double click to spawn on a location nothing happens. Not sure what I did wrong. I tried the teleporters walk in method and no dialogue pops. I went back and rolled back all my changes from this and tried just getting the biometric hand prints to work with the middle mouse menu. The dialogue pops up, but again when selecting a spawn point nothing happens.
  8. That worked! Thanks to the guy who posted about same issue earlier... I would not have figured this out unless you posted about your issues as well!
  9. Just to clarify... I should be taking dayz_code.pbo from @dayz_epoch, not @dayz? I tried it with @dayz dayz_code.pbo last night and it blew up my server. Had to undo the edits and everything worked again though.
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