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  1. Did you get it to work? I realise it's been a while :) Anyway, if you still have this problem, this looks strange to me: 24:00:00~SERVER RESTART IN 1 HOUR~no-loop 24:30:00~SERVER RESTART IN 30 MINUTES~no-loop 24:50:00~SERVER RESTART IN 10 MINUTES~no-loop 24:55:00~SERVER RESTART IN 5 MINUTES~no-loop 24:57:00~SERVER RESTART IN 3 MINUTES(LOG OUT NOW TO AVOID PROBLEMS!)~no-loop Shouldn't that be: 00:00:00~SERVER RESTART IN 1 HOUR~no-loop 00:30:00~SERVER RESTART IN 30 MINUTES~no-loop 00:50:00~SERVER RESTART IN 10 MINUTES~no-loop 00:55:00~SERVER RESTART IN 5 MINUTES~no-loop 00:57:00~SERVER RESTART IN 3 MINUTES(LOG OUT NOW TO AVOID PROBLEMS!)~no-loop And if you make it: 00:00:00~SERVER RESTART IN 1 HOUR~loop-3 00:30:00~SERVER RESTART IN 30 MINUTES~loop-3 00:50:00~SERVER RESTART IN 10 MINUTES~loop-3 00:55:00~SERVER RESTART IN 5 MINUTES~loop-3 00:57:00~SERVER RESTART IN 3 MINUTES(LOG OUT NOW TO AVOID PROBLEMS!)~loop-3 then you don't need any of the others, it will just repeat these every three hours. Hope that helps.
  2. AI Recruitment for Soul's Single Currency: Do double-check your prices. On my server 2000 coins is equivalent to 2 10z gold. open_dialog.sqf: recruit_new.sqf:
  3. Just to confirm that that is indeed what solves the issue with the blinking menu. To be precise: Open AHconfig.sqf Find: _ALLOWED_Dialogs = [-1,106,2200,6900,6901,6902,6903,420420,41144,711194]; Add ",8101" at the end so it looks like this: _ALLOWED_Dialogs = [-1,106,2200,6900,6901,6902,6903,420420,41144,711194,8101];
  4. If you enter UPDATE epoch.traders_data SET qty = 10 WHERE qty < 10 it means you're updating a table called epoch.traders_data. I don't know about you but my DayzSt database doesn't have that table. The one you want to update is Traders_DATA, exactly like that, case sensitive. Try this: UPDATE `Traders_DATA` SET qty=10 WHERE qty<=10;
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