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  1. stirrific

    1.6 Safezone

    Well Lingor does not have trader cities per say they are scattered about so you have to enter the positions yourself for each one u want to have as a safe zone.
  2. It ok redone it from scratch it now working fine guess i missed something. thanks for fast response though
  3. So i added this to 1062 server and when i select the key and hit change key nothing happens checked rpt log no errors in there at all only other addons i have installed in infistar and WAI.. not sure what gone wrong not had issues with this on 1061. Sorted now was my mistake lol
  4. u need to follow the install instructions In scripts\traders move or delete the file server_traders.sqf Rename server_traders - whatever-map-name.sqf to server_traders.sqf
  5. stirrific

    vilayer overpoch?

    You need to edit the mission.sqm file and add the addons to the addOns[]= list: "warehouse", "mbg_buildings_3", "mbg_killhouses", "aif_arma1buildings", "mbg_african_buildings", "gms_k98", "RH_m14", "FHQ_Remington", "FHQ_Remington_ammo", "FHQ_Remington_msr", "FHQ_Remington_xm2010", "FHQ_Remington_acr", "FHQ_Remington_rsass", "VILAS_WWP", "VILAS_RW_Forces", "VILAS_WWP_CO", "VILAS_RW_Forces_CO", "ddopp_taserpack", "smk_anims_lite", "MicroAirVehicles", "oz_is_objects", "monaro", "gsc_units_stalker_patch", "american_law_enforcement", "CYBP_Camels_Config", "nissan_350z", "ussr_cheytac", "bb_mercenary" Dont forget to add the , to the item above where your pasting these.
  6. stirrific


    Yeah i seen that is his first rpt log before he stated the infact it was106 and that he then downloaded and tried to install 1061... In the second rpt log he posted after that there no mention of the DMR that i can see which i assume cause he got 1061 installed... however there is mk_48_DZ and itemtunacooked so yes it possible he has the wrong server pbo cause of the other 2 errors or maybe still got 106 epoch files left over... but also possible he missed one of the important steps in the 106 sql upgrade.... But yeah you are most likely right lol was just trying to help but ended up looking stupid lol so i keep quiet and remain in the background from now on :p lol.
  7. stirrific

    Finding Mods for

    I don't use this version but from the looks of it you will most likely get kicked for each vehicle in the attachto.txt file.. you could simply change 5's for each vehicle to 3 so it looks something like: 3 "KamazRefuel_DZ" 3 "UralRefuel_TK_EP1_DZ" 3 "MtvrRefuel_DES_EP1_DZ" 3 "Ural_UN_EP1" 3 "Ural_TK_CIV_EP1" 3 "Ural_CDF"
  8. stirrific


    @Thug from what i can see from the rpt log u posted u need to rerun the 106 sql upgrades and read the bottom part of the sql file carefully. Edit to expand on this a little the reason for all the No entry error is cause the database class names have not been updated there for when it tries to load them it spits out those errors about old class names also note any mods like WAI that not been updated correctly with new class names can also spit out these errors. Edit again just to add most hosts for some odd reason don't seem to run the sql database upgrade correctly so most likely why it works fine on your home PC but not on the paid host you have to manually run the SQL 106 and 1061 updates on the database yourself.
  9. stirrific

    Taviana Map Issue

    Make sure @Taviana; is first in the start line before the others
  10. stirrific

    ArmA 2 Epoch

    I don't think anyone is complaining on updating to 1061 i think it more the fact there only been giving a day to do so...hell most hosting sites don't have the option for 1061 yet let alone people having time to update there mods... i think most are panicking due to that fact if you don't have a VPS or dedicated server and are stuck with hosts.. You have to wait on your host to update not to mention fact that most hosts don't give much wiggle room to these people to update that stuff themselves... I was stuck in this position myself cause gtx while they have the 1061 for standard epoch they don't have overwatch added yet.. Cant add it myself cause they do not allow you to change the order of the mod list ie putting overwatch first in the list which causes the server not to load... Now me i am not to bothered cause i now running it from my own dedicated server but for others that not really a option for them so giving them extra time would kinda be nice rather than putting them in panic mode... and no im not complaining this is anyway or shape your guys fault i am just stating why people want more time.
  11. stirrific

    server delay

    4-8? damn my servers during peak times have 13 - 15 players on with 6 hour restarts and fps has never dropped below 25 for me. but as i said everyone has different experiences with different hosts. though saying that there has been odd times where server has dropped connection for like 5 mins or so every now and then always over looked it but for price i think i can live with that... cant afford dedicated server atm well could but i don't play as much anymore to warrant the cost.
  12. stirrific

    server delay

    i use gtx for my main servers and had no issues with them... only had to contact support once to switch gaming profile and that was resolved within a hour.. but like any hosts everyone has there own preference and experience.
  13. stirrific

    server delay

    Nitrado is the issue.. i have test server does the exact same thing and if you check there forum out there plenty more doing it... they are a slow host pretty much making same mistakes dayz.st made back in the day cramming there servers full to the point they start having network issues.
  14. Salival just wanted to thank you for taking your time to update all these addons for us newbies.. the community need more people like you and of course big thank you to the original creators of the scripts too.
  15. stirrific


    Yes it works on 1.0.6