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  1. Epoch Takistan, not showing in the launcher because A3 Takistan is not in the mod manager yet. Epoch Takistan, not showing in the launcher because A2 Takistan is not in the mod manager yet. Overpoch Origins Napf, this wasn't showing because I had to tweak a mod filter. Survival Launcher scrapes Steam query info map/moddesc variables to determine the map. It needs to be updated constantly because some mission files use non-uniform variable names. It's fixed now -
  2. Sorry, I made a mistake, Overpochins *IS* supported but Takistan has not been added yet. I'll add it when I have some free time. Next time, just ask nicely, the way you came off was a bit rude bro.
  3. There is no plan to make this software open source, sorry. Overpochins is not officially supported yet. It doesn't seem popular enough to fully support.
  4. We don't support Takistan in the launcher, unfortunately. I see you are running Epoch Takistan from your signature.
  5. Update released, big update which fixes issues loading Overpoch. Added a bunch of new mod combinations and will be rolling out Battle Royale support for Arma 3 here shortly!
  6. Our customers enjoy using some of the community's addons with their Epoch servers. These mods are what make ARMA modding awesome, they are available to the community openly and the community can creatively come up with new ideas to expand the game to make it playable. Adapting with the times is necessary and custom modding allows that. ​ ​While I am disappointed that we can no longer offer VEMF / Simple Epoch Missions (and any other addon creator that contacts us) to server owners who are eager to admin a game server and don't know how to install the code, we have removed the these two mods from our mod installation service. ​ ​The idea that we are profiting from other's work is something that we don't see eye to eye on. Example: The time it takes to install VEMF could be from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on whether or not the addon is combined with other scripts and testing. We need to charge for this time in order to stay in business (an hour or two cannot be spent on every customer who wants these scripts without a cost associated with the time). The amount that we charge is within reason and below normal programming/modding hourly costs in the industry. ​ What it boils down to is that there are game server owners who do not know how to install these complex scripts. They want a game server that has these awesome mods that make the game great. We can't offer these resources for free as it's just not possible. Server owners who know how can install them themselves and we do not provide any sort of restriction or incentive otherwise (our FTP is fully unlocked, DLL uploads are restricted but uploaded upon request due to security reasons). GSPs who host Epoch servers are doing the same thing with the Epoch developers. GSPs charge a monthly rate. These resources cost money, whether it be tangible resources like servers and hardware or intangible services like programming time, bandwidth. Epoch devs have licensed the work accordingly. That said, it is the decision of the addon developer who can use their work. If modders license their work and disallow commercial use, we will comply.
  7. Update released, Epoch support added. Do you have -autoinit set for your server when it loads initially? If it's not auto initialized, we are not fetching Mod info from Steam about your server. A workaround is in progress for this issue, we'll be pulling out mod information from your server hostname as a "last resort" to fall back on if this happens.
  8. released! http://survivallauncher.com/2014/12/13/launcher-release-1-0-0-3-change-log/ Changes Make division between servers on the list easier to read / increase font size a little Added additional information to the Steam common folder issue at startup Fixes Progress percentage cut off in a Mod Manager download Hit individual server refresh crash Default game from settings does not set default New Features Favorites Add server to favorites with IP:Port Copy IP:Port to clipboard Coming Soon Improve remote server to client connection speed & timeouts Improve mod manager download speed for non-US residents by adding global HTTP mirrors Add more mod filtering code to filter out more servers into more mods Custom launch parameters override History Friends More user interface cleanup (color correction) Copy IP to keyboard fix DayZero
  9. This is mod installation ONLY, we're not claiming we created these mods whatsoever. It's like paying for someone to install Windows (paid software) if you don't know how. Lots of people don't know how to mod their servers, there's nothing wrong with them hiring someone to install those scripts. EDIT: If you wish to be removed from the email list, simply respond to the email with "UNSUBSCRIBE" - I apologize if you got unwanted email.
  10. I'm working on a feature that will make it easier for mods to be added on community request, stay tuned :)
  11. Not sure what OP is referring to but this software is not a fork of any other launcher. The only "SDK" (if you want to call it that) is open source libraries like SteamQuery and other .NET libs which are frameworks for pulling data from Steam and not actual server browsers / mod managers / etc.
  12. Both are at the top of the todo list. Expect an update tomorrow.
  13. You can launch into a plain Arma 2 servers using the "Any" filter, See below. The settings tab has a file path that should auto detect your steam common folder, but if for some reason it does not detect your path, set it manually and be sure it has the closing "\" like this: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\ It MUST have the \ after SteamApps\common\ Then just go and refresh the server browser page. See here:
  14. That's the goal. Unify multiple games into a single source. Will be adding more games soon! Everything is modular, which is the point of this project, easy to add games, easy to add mods.
  15. Updated May 11, 2015: Version released I've been working for the last few months on a launcher for both Arma 2:OA and Arma 3. The goal is simple: keep it free, keep it updated (same day mod / game updates), and keep it from negatively impacting player ease of joining game servers. It's also modular and I can build in new games fairly easily. Here are a few screenshots: I decided to release a bit early due to the Arma 3 Epoch update and because the core features are stable. I have a sleugh of features in the works like favorites, friends, notifications, and statistics & reports. Coming soon, of course =) Go download it at http://www.SurvivalLauncher.com As feedback is crucial to this project, I ask that you let me know of any bugs or feature requests in the forum. Cheers! Ryan Pennington