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  1. Hi, on my overpoch server whenever i purchase a vehicle from a trader, the arrow spawns, but the vehicle never does. this code is in the RPT aswell. Error in expression < _array select 5; _pos = _worldspace select 1; _txt = getText (configFile > 18:40:12 Error position: <select 1; _txt = getText (configFile > 18:40:12 Error select: Type Object, expected Array,Config entry
  2. I feel like its the fact that im using the pbo's given by zupa on his ZSC page. but have no idea how this would cause it.
  3. Used your fn_selfactions. still not working :(
  4. Fixed the error. still nothing. Only things that pop up on the plot are "Maintain area and maintain area preview"
  5. I have no idea what the problem is. my fn_selfactions seems perfectly fine, but i just cannot get the plot management menu to appear. all the other scroll wheel options are fine, here is my file if you guys would like to review it. (im also installing this along ZSC if it makes any difference)
  6. Emerghency

    Plot management

    Hello im having a bit of trouble with plot management. I'm installing it with ZPC (single currency) and plot 4 life. I've installed everything and plot for life and the coins are working great, however when i plant the plot pole the "manage plot" option on scroll wheel just doesnt appear on it. Any help or guidance would be appreciated. im also having no RPT errors
  7. I was curious if there was a line of code (specifically an if statement) that tested if a player was looking at a object in the map, i.e an added custom building, but in my case one of the weed plants. I was also curious if there was an if statement to test if a player was inside of a vehicle. thanks!
  8. Emerghency

    Refining Hemp

    So i've got my hemp script all set up, and players recieve 1 kilo hemp for farming it. Would it be possible for me to somehow add an item so that players could refine the hemp into weed? I want to make like a hemp refinery so that the item players get from farming it they must go refine in order to sell it.
  9. Emerghency

    Hemp farming

    I was able to fix the kicking. however im looking to make it so that the hemp plants respawn after being farmed, say after like 30 minutes. is this possible?
  10. Did anyone ever find out a way to make the weed respawn after being harvested? say after like 30 minutes?
  11. Emerghency

    Hemp farming

    ) has been kicked by BattlEye: SetDamage Restriction #1 is kicking people when they try to farm hemp on my server. any fixes for this error?
  12. Emerghency


    I run my server through a host. (vilayer) where would i put the dll filles?
  13. it turns out its only in safezones that it does this.
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