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  1. I dont recall even talking to you ;) refresh my memory ? Howdy :D
  2. Hello community long time no see :)
  3. Strange i haven't touched the trading files in awhile only the init.sqf in the gold folder which would not course this either i have messed it up or you have changed something
  4. It most likly I the player_data it done in id / uid number, best was to test is get a new player id number from banking_data then search that id number player_data
  5. This is for people who start a new server without scripts then they add on to this pack as i have already stated
  6. Ok i have updated the zip file replace the init.sqf again in the Gold_Coin_system should all work now :)
  7. v0.5 is out Changes : v0.5 : Fixed storing over 999,999 duplicating Simply change the init.sqf in Scripts\Gold_Coin_system\
  8. No worries, You catched me on a good morning
  9. I will be updating post at some point today and try answer as many questions as I can, Thankyou zupa for resolving peoples questions helpful as always, I was planning to release v0.5 alot sooner but I had to reinstall OS and I didnt back it up, Hope this answer s all the things :)
  10. Cashmoney is what you have one you and bankmoney is bank balance
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