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  1. you may just about get 23 fps with everything on LOW Arma 3 is a POS.
  2. I tried that first bud and it didnt work. Server loads up and I go in game and its still protected freq unable to build. EDIT: I Derped and commented something out I shouldn't have.... it works :p - cheers.
  3. Hey, Looked around for this and all I could find was that it's in description.ext file. I checked that out but there is no mention of any restricted build areas. I am running version. author = "Epoch Mod Team"; class Header { gameType = Sandbox; minPlayers = 1; maxPlayers = 100; }; respawn = "BASE"; respawnDelay = 600; respawnDialog = 0; onLoadMission= "Epoch"; OnLoadIntro = "Welcome to Epoch Mod"; loadScreen = "\x\addons\a3_epoch_assets\pictures\loadScreen_ca.paa"; OnLoadIntroTime = False; OnLoadMissionTime = False; onLoadName = "Epoch Mod"; disabledAI = true; scriptedPlayer = 1; disableChannels[]={0,1,2,6}; enableItemsDropping = 0; briefing = 0; debriefing = 0; enableDebugConsole = 0; joinUnassigned = 0; respawnOnStart = 0; forceRotorLibSimulation = 1; corpseManagerMode = 1; corpseLimit = 10; corpseRemovalMinTime = 1200; corpseRemovalMaxTime = 3600; wreckManagerMode = 1; wreckLimit = 2; wreckRemovalMinTime = 60; wreckRemovalMaxTime = 360; class cfgFunctions { class A3E { tag = "EPOCH"; class Client { file = "\x\addons\a3_epoch_code\init"; class init { preInit = 1; }; class postinit { postInit = 1; }; }; }; }; class CfgRemoteExec { class Functions { mode = 1; jip = 0; class EPOCH_server_save_vehicles { allowedTargets=2; jip = 0; }; }; class Commands {mode=0;}; }; class CfgEpochSapper { detonateDistMax = 8; //Random distance between 3m and this number at which sapper detonates. Min value = 4 groanTrig = 16; //Percentage chance of a groan. Min value = 4 sRange = 300; //Distance from target over which sapper will dispose. Range within which sapper code will be aware of targets. Distance up to which sapper will attempt to find a spot to hide in. Min Value = 150. smellDist = 24; //Distance up to which sapper can smell. Used to decide if sapper can see target when deciding to charge and influences target selection. Is influenced by wind direction. Min Value = 8. }; class CfgEpochUAV { UAVMinDist = 48; //Minimum distance to choose next position when roaming. Min Value = 8. UAVMaxDist = 180; //Maximum distance to choose next position when roaming. Min Value = 42 / Max Value = 400. UAVHeight = 100; //Set height when roaming, slight randomness is applied to this value. UAV will choose own height when locked onto target. Min Value = 42 / Max Value = 280. UAV can still spot targets from height ! }; class CfgEpochAirDrop { AirDropFreq = 1200; //AirDropChance, to decide if Air drop occurs, will only be checked once per AirDropFreq time period, for each player. Min value = 120. AirDropChance = 6; //Percentage chance of air drop, for current player. Checked every AirDropFreq and upon antagonists spawn trigger. -1 To disable. }; class CfgEpochCloak { cRange = 300; //Distance, from target, at which Cloak will dispose. Cloak is also aware of players within this range. (Min: 60 / Max: 600) cAggression = 75; //Percentage chance of attack, currently a psychological attack (Cultist spooky voice). (Min: 1 / Max: 100) attackFrequency = 120; //One attack only per this period. (Min: 120) attackDistance = 38; // Distance, from target, up to which Cloak will attack. Lower for less vocals. (Min: 16) targetChangeFrequency = 42; //Cloak will only attempt to change target once per this period. Make Higher to stick to first target player. (Min: 42) teleportChance = 66; //Chance for cloak to teleport. (Min: 1) hoverFrequency = 1280; //Cloak has new hover attack. When player is above cloak, and at a distance, cloak will float to player and teleport attack. Only perform one of these moves per this period. (Min: 240) }; As you can see.... nothing there. Would appreciate some help.
  4. Personally dude A2 Epoch is soooo much better than the A3 version. I currently went back to A2 Epoch and Vanilla Dayz. Just better in every way.
  5. matrixmark


    To be honest Exile isn't any better at all. It's pretty much spawn > get killed > spawn > get killed. Both mods are stale and boring and present 0 challenge. I went back to vanilla Dayz mod. So much better. But yeah I doubt very much that Exile is the "answer" to everyone's problems.
  6. Esseker is a beautiful map and it fits so well in this scenario. Sadly the sheer lack of enter-able buildings and lack of buildings overall let it down somewhat. Hopefeully the creators will pull their fingers out and do some more work with the map. It could be one of the best out there currently.
  7. actually nvm cant be arsed :p Remove post.
  8. Thanks I did that in diffmerge and the files are an exact match and the versions in both files say so it's not that. The only other thing we have is: A3EAI and Helicrashes. Pretty sure they wouldn't cause this.
  9. Not sure if this is a bug or just a glitch with a certain group of people. Basically they cant chop or chainsaw any trees down. We've tried giving them different chainsaws and hatchets but they cant do it. Everyone else is fine and no problems. We're running Esseker and Epoch Just wondered if anyone else had this issue. Cheers.
  10. Firstly thanks for this script its pretty amazing :D Just wondering is there a way we could make so that only one missions spawns at 1 time. WIth 4 missions running at the same time we've noticed a pretty big decrease in server FPS. Currently we only run from a gameserver so yano not the best :p We are moving to a dedi in a week or so (Pay day :p) Cheers dude.
  11. Thanks for that :D wondered why it was always 1 less than was actually online.
  12. Hey :D Thanks for releasing this :D looks amazing. I had it working for myself but whenever a player uses it. They get banned for EpochMod autoban. I did and have double checked that I added the supplied changes to the scripts.txt file. We use the antihack that comes with epoch (EPAH). EDIT: After playing with it I found that setting this: antihack_addActionCheck = false; in the epochah.hpp solved it but how would I get it to work with this on?
  13. Ahh yeah I've reduced it to max 6000 and that seems to be perfect so far, thanks :D Also I added in (i forget their name sorry) the bit of code on line 39 to spawn AI around the crash but no AI spawn. I do have A3EAI running and working perfectly. But they just dont spawn.... cant figure it out. I added it on line 39 (according to notepad++)
  14. I have tried using In the helicrash.sqf for my Esseker server but the crashes are still spawning way way out in the black areas of the map. Just wondering if there was something else I needed. Maybe the coords instead?
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