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  1. We had a player report and issue to us today regarding the BAF_L85A2_RIS_Holo gun, it could be bought for 9 10oz Gold Bars! but sold for 6 gold bars...... We fixed the trader price, but has anyone else noticed that? We have no edited our prices so its not a change we've made.
  2. Is it possible something could be conflicting with it then? All our players have been asking why there are no animals, and I actually noticed the lack of animals before adding any scripts. I have mine set to 16, If i'm lucky I might see 2 sheep within the 4 hour restart.
  3. norse

    Heli Crash Sites

    On our server, loot is spawning at crash sites, but you have to remove the heli wreck model with admin tools to see the loot. It spawns underneath the wreck.
  4. norse

    Epoch Bugs

    Thats okay, delete the thread and i'll carry on my discussion there.
  5. norse

    Epoch Bugs

    Yes, I checked it out and it seems to be related to Infistar antihack, once the server is restarted, then admin spawned vehicles can be repaired. Loot continues to spawn underneath crash sites, with no way of retrieving it other than delete the crash heli model with admin tools.
  6. norse

    Epoch Bugs

    Tested repair/salavge after restart, and infistar spawned vehicles can now be repaired. Also, has anyone else experienced loot at heli crash sites seem to be underneath the wreck? I have to delete the wreck to allow players to gain access to the loot.
  7. norse

    Epoch Bugs

    Update on Repair/Salvage.....Seems that dynamically spawned vehicles actually can be repaired/salvaged, it appears to be vehicles that have been replaced to players using infistar that can't be repaired. Probably will be possible after a restart, I'll report back when I've tested that.
  8. Hi, Since updating to we've noticed a few bugs. Animals - Doesn't matter what the maximum is set to, there are very few. Mining - Can't smelt ore anymore, does the animation but gets looped. Repair/Salvage - Get the option, but when selected, does nothing. Anyone else experiencing these issues? Cheers, Norse
  9. Same here, I see many rabbits, and I think 1 or 2 cows since the update. The default used to be 5, and I had it set to 8, but now the default is 8, so i have it set to 12, still nothing. I turned it up a little higher to 16, and still nothing. Any ideas?
  10. Hi, I'm having this same issue on my server, When building a cinder block garage door and trying to place a lock, everyone seems to get 'not setup yet' I have to place a wood garage door locked to secure their bases until i can get a fix for this. Anyone know what I should do? I have considered starting with a fresh PBO and adding all scripts again but as I'm very new to writing scripts I don't know where to start. Cheers
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