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[PC,EU,New Server,Chernarus] The Better Vanilla|1PP|PVP|Loot++|Active Admins


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New DayZ Server, wiped and launched 24 March 2023

★★★★★ Welcome to The better Vanilla ★★★★★

★ In this server we aim to provide players with improved vanilla experience by adding new features to solve some really annoying things, nothing crazy. here is what's new on this server:

*️⃣ - You can use CodeLock to secure your base, instead of combination lock, which sucks
*️⃣ - You can use groups to be able to see your teammates and not accidentally kill them during fights, no more armbands
*️⃣ - You can ping positions to your teammates using T, and clear all pings using Y, super useful during fights
*️⃣ - You can instantly fix your broken leg using morphine, no more limping with the splint
*️⃣ - You can reduce the car sounds when driving which is really annoying, by pressing N
*️⃣ - You will find more loot around the map, loot is boosted
*️⃣ - You can see your actual position on the map if you found one, see navigation-tips for how to
*️⃣ - You have access to in-game commands such us kills, deaths, ... Type !help in game chat for all available commands
*️⃣ - You can see kill feed in-game as well as on channel kill-feed
*️⃣ - Server stamina is modified, its fixed when you sprint and decreases when you jump or do heavy melee attack or sprint on ladder or hold breath
*️⃣ - Autorun so you won't be holding SHIFT for about 20min to get back to your friends after you die
*️⃣ - General chat

★ Server information

☑️ Name: The Better Vanilla|1PP|PVP|Loot++|Active Admins
☑️ IP:
☑️ Map: Chernarus
☑️ Max Players: 60
☑️ Day Accelerator: 3x
☑️ Night Accelerator: 6x

★ Restart
☑️ Every 4 hours

★ Wipe
☑️ Last Wipe: 24 March 2023
☑️ With every new release version of the game

★ Discord Server
☑️ https://discord.gg/nGBj6G8X5D

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