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balance sheet 2022


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balance sheet 2022
Hello everyone!
I'm going to give you an assessment but also a rant and I wouldn't be fake ass, as I could see
at least you will have a real story, certainly it is not fun sometimes but the result is very evident and you did not want to see it and stay on your achievements in my humble opinion
november 2022:
epoch mod 12 server and 1 client connected (maybe headless?)
exile 198 server about 160 client connect and is afternoon europe temps. (exile have more but is not succes it's just as much a disaster when you know that on arma2 the communities were full in less than 1 month)

I made several dedicated servers, I talked a lot and waited for this addon like a lot because days epoch arma2 worked very well......
and I will give you the return after several years which in my opinion is now more credible in the face of the choices of the community and mine!

when the addon was released many people asked me to install a server, and I obviously looked for that!
and i say to people "not, not, not" you have to wait for it to unlock the sql because it must be temporary and for it to remove their spy dlls in the background.
and not is not temporary is real, wtf???
that it surprised me to realize that the mysql base had disappeared, that we now had to trust a database or we had no control, or it was impossible for us to have logs live, or exporting to the web was no longer possible.

OK sir!
what's the thing?
but that's not a big deal! because in addition you imagined that most of us were going to let emmuller unknown dll and very unknown database systems running on our servers and flouted the major security rules even of a machine????

a mission system very difficult to modify and customize (also a very very big mistake, even exile understood but a little late all the same because the main community including me dropped both, precisely because of your closing mods and write complication just for voluntary locking.)

if we can sometimes say that to err is human, for your case in my humble opinion and given the feedback from the success of the addon!
it is no longer an error, it is a free will!
have always said that the experience of a failure finally makes it possible to solve, you could have let the community modify your mod and make it so, but not even!

the conclusion is more than simple
"you broke days epoch, simply"

and it's a terrible shame, because there is a lot of work but certainly the power of some will help to break the work of others!
anyway when there is a story of money, the dream disappears!
and it's sad, very sad.
good to you.

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