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WAI question. Coins working on Zombies not on AI. ai_hasMoney = true



Hi guys,

My servers are running well with my current configuration (single currency, WAI, DZMS, deploy anything, right click, etc.) but I am having an odd issue with WAI. 

In my server_pbo\WAI\config.sqf I have ai_hasMoney = true; but the mission AI never have any coins on them but my zombies do. I think I missed a config setting somewhere but not sure where (will continue looking after this post). Maybe there is a setting in DZMS I missed? 

I haven't tried DZAI yet but I am considering it. Not sure if it is better, much different, etc.

Ultimately I am trying to have AI missions with coins on the AI and mission loot. The only part not working is the AI coins.

Thanks for the help.


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Thanks to some help on the Epoch Discord channel I may have found the issue. 

From my Discord conversation:


 It looks like I may be using an older DZMS (says version 1.2). I think I may have used the DZMS from SMVampire (github) which is version 1.2. I think I should be using the DZMS from worldwidesorrow (also github) which says it is version 2.1.


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