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*1.0.7 UPDATED*OldSchoolEurope- |Low Military|Dedi-server|STARTERKIT+++

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First of all, OldSchoolEurope is a gaming community with houndreds of members at the moment, steadily growing each day. We are a central for all types of games.

We invite server owners of all types of games to participate in creating one large discord community to make it alot easier finding people to play/scrim with,

and to sosialize even the less popular  games. PM any admin to create more game channels. And if you are a server owner, PM Georgey on discord

to get your game channels set up. We hope to see you on discord!


OldSchoolEurope - Dayz Epoch 1.0.7

Dedicated Server!

Missing the old days of Epoch, and seeing too much military servers with rockets and all sorts of crazy things out there?
 - We do too!


We set this server up to contain alot of the old epoch features, as well to implement scripts that make the game 
more user-friendly, and a server that's easier to start as a new player.

We are a growing and new community server, and a server that gets worked on everyday by our experienced scripters.

We are looking for players, both new and old, to embark on this new journey with us- to get Epoch properly back to life.
We're hoping that you and your friends will participate in the growth of our community and build this server in your liking.

SOME of the features below:


- Very low-military server

- Base starterkit: Automatically gives you a backpack with base building supplies on first login.
- Active players and admins!
- Easier to obtain a base as a new player. 
- Starter coins 
- Cheaper building supplies
- Virtual garage (deploy with toolbox)
- Ability to buy fuel pump from traders to use near virtual garage, as service points and deploy instead of using plot to deploy vehicles.
- AI Missions and Events
- Building supply traders
- Service stations at gas stations
- 1 step building
- 10 day maintenance 
- Trader safezones
- Lift&Tow
- Drug dealer
- Custom Mapping; New towns etc
- Garage Door Opener from vehicle
- Custom Intro and death 
- Hemp/weed Missions
- Take Clothes
- Bury body
- More loot, and custom loot.
- Plot managment
- Custom Humanity gear 
- No Weight Limit
- Indestructable bases, except doors.

- New Custom Traders with custom music!


- WORKING DAY/NIGHT CYCLE. Session 1: Day. Session 2: Day. Session 3: Night. - Reset

- 4 hour restarts!



 more will be added .


Server IP:
Discord: https://discord.gg/UbrbTxPff2

Server host placed in europe, so good ping for European players.

Feel free to leave a message on discord if you need support/or have questions for us.
We really appreciate suggestions on how to become better, and how to get the server more likeable.

Join us today, and start your adventure!


Update: Added ALOT of custom scripts and features. We have a very custom "main-trader city". You should really go

check that out ;) You will like it. 

Also a very active playerbase now. Join us and help us grow into a big community server!






                                                                                                 Webp.net-compress-image (10).jpg

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-Lots of new features now, along with missions, more loot and big base builds! Come ingame and start your journey! Refer to this post and recieve a starterkit for your base! (Discord)

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