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[UK] Pure Gaming UK |PvE|Helicopters|Traders|Missions|More FPS|Toxic Zones|Summer Chernarus|10k Start|Starter Kit


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Hey everyone we would like to invite you to our new dayz standalone pve server. 

Server Address

We regularly run Server Events including,
Custom Weather System ( Our player base LOVES this one)
The Chernarus Cannonball!  ...... Think you're fast? 
Why not join us on Wednesday nights for our Road and rally races, with Fabulous in game CASH Prizes!
You don't need anything to join, we supply your vehicles for the event.
Just join our discord,(linked above) and let us know you are racing and we will get you all set!
We have Toxic Zones at high level Military Spawns, You need protective gear..... but the loot is worth it!
They are Alpha ( Tisy Military)  and Beta (Troitskoe) and The Entire of Skalisty Island

We also have a Black Market Toxic Zone, You get more Cash for ALL weapons, but it's a dangerous place to go!
WE also have a nice safe all-in-one Trader at Altar
Custom Spawn Points, Vehicles and High Value Airdrops that attract Wolves!!!
Custom Start Load outs, and Very Active Helpful Staff at hand.

See you in The Walking Z!

Mods on the server,

Custom weather system
PvZmoD Spawn System
Toxic Zone
No Vehicle Damage
Check Pulse
 Party Me
Much Stuff Pack
Medical Attention
Airdrop Updated
Builder Items
Base Building Plus
Unlimited Stamina
Forever Lights and Campfires
Cannabis Plus
Inventory Plus Plus
Mercedes G65 AMG
Disable Base Destruction
Build Anywhere v3
CPB Weapons
Server Information Panel
Inventory Plus Plus
Better Supressors
zSpawn Selection
IRP LandRover Defender 110
 Kill Feed
Code Lock
 Bullet Stack Plus Plus
Schana Mod Global Chat
Vanbilla Plus Plus Map
VPP Notifications
VPP Admin Tools

Ask one of our staff for your basic starter kit, to help you get established on the server.

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