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Help Require on Setting up ASAP

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HJi all. ok i need help Fast and Bad.

I use to have a server a few years ago and installed Dayz With a few of the mods which was a 1 click install in the Mod section, ie, AI Missions, Added Military bases, Weather options, and Restart time options.

 Admin was in the main directory already installed in the game (I think)  everything ran sweat for a while, until i closed the server down.


No i rejoined i dont see the Mods that was once there, i see no AI missions, No Military Bases, i Don't Even have Admin rights.

I Do not code, never could code. I have ask GD to help get me a server up and running  the way i once had it, but they not being much help,and iv'e just brought a Quarterly (3 month) Package.)


If anyone got some spare time to help me out please contact me. I want my server as a PVE Server with Ai;s Weather Change, Added Military bases, and my Admin right in game.


If anyone can help to set it up for me, send me a Email at [email protected] or reply here.  Hope someone can be as kind to help me out. Cheers

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