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[BUG - HELP - FIXED] Plot Pole - Building Already in progress

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Server: Overpoch

Admin Tools: Infistar

I have large problem. On my server people and even me can´t place PLOT POLE, when I want to do it .. right click on plot pole in inventory but nothing will happends. After you do this you can´t access traders, ride anything.. nothing. (You are stuck in that progress) !

If you want to place somethings it says Building Already in progress. 

Can you please help.

I do not modify any file like 2-3 months. (Only WAI, DZAI and some prices for weapons).

Thank you.


EDIT (FIX): I changed in  init.sqf DZE_limitPlots  from DZE_limitPlots = 2 to DZE_limitPlots = false; (I dont know but still, that bug aplies to everyone, even he got no plot pole).


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