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Fix use Wood Ladder bug into base issue.

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Issue video: http://dai.ly/x5887s0

If your server set DZE_requireplot like this

DZE_requireplot = 0;

All players can place building objects every where and Wood Ladder is a big problem.


Require files

1. Custom compiles.sqf

2. Custom modular_build.sqf


1. Copy compiles.sqf from





2. Find compiles.sqf path in init.sqf

call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\init\compiles.sqf";

Change to

call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "custom\compiles.sqf";


3. Copy modular_build.sqf from





4. Edit modular_build.sqf path in custom compiles.sqf


player_build = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\actions\modular_build.sqf";


player_build = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "custom\modular_build.sqf";


5. Add not allow place wood ladder into modular_build.sqf but i have 2 versions for script you can choose

1. Not allow place wood ladder every where.




_classname = getText (configFile >> "CfgMagazines" >> DZE_buildItem >> "ItemActions" >> "Build" >> "create");
_classnametmp = _classname;

below paste:

if (_classname isKindOf "WoodLadder_DZ") exitWith {
dayz_actionInProgress = false;
systemChat("Object Not Allowed in this server");


2. You can place wood ladder but not near of any objects you can set




_classname = getText (configFile >> "CfgMagazines" >> DZE_buildItem >> "ItemActions" >> "Build" >> "create");
_classnametmp = _classname;

below paste:

_playerPos = getPosATL player;
_NOTALLOW = ["WoodSmallWall_DZ","CinderWallHalf_DZ","CinderWall_DZ","CinderWallSmallDoorway_DZ","CinderWallDoorway_DZ","WoodSmallWallThird_DZ",

_nearRestr = count nearestObjects [_playerPos, _NOTALLOW, 5] > 0;

if (_nearRestr && (_classname isKindOf "WoodLadder_DZ") or (_classname isKindOf "WoodStairs_DZ") or (_classname isKindOf "WoodStairsSans_DZ") ) exitWith {
dayz_actionInProgress = false;
systemChat("This Object is Not Allowed near of a wall");


Remember the private section for _playerpos _nearrest and _NOTALLOW variables

You can set objects for not allow place wood ladder near.

I give all credit to @juandayz because he create this script ;)


How to remove this



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