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Miss Blue

Server not reading config file



I've recently decided to start my own Arma 3 Epoch server. While this is my first time setting up an Arma 3 server, I'm not a stranger when it comes to actually, setting a game server up.
I've followed all instructions provided me by the Epoch manual to the line, and all is working, however to an extend.

While, the server starts, you can connect and Epoch will work, it is not reading it's config file.
This obviously, comes hand-in-hand with a handful of problems;

  • The server name defaults to my dedicated host name (As in, it defaults to "WIN-SOMETHINGHERE" instead of the name I provided)
  • The server defaults to the vote screen on the first time connecting, obviously also unwanted behavior.
  • When all players die simultaneously, the server will reset and send you back to the vote screen.
  • The server is not persistent, with this I mean; Once all players disconnect, the server will reset and then if you connect, you will have to vote for a mission again.

Below is my start command line, my server.cfg and my basic.cfg



 @echo off
 start "arma3" /min "C:\Arma3Server\arma3server.exe" [email protected];@EpochHive; -config=C:\Arma3Server\sc\config.cfg -ip= -port=2302 -profiles=sc2 -cfg=C:\Arma3Server\sc\basic.cfg -name=sc2






I've already checked file permissions and they are not the cause, I also do not use window's horrible User Access Control.
Operating System is a Windows Server 2008 R2 platform.

I've also extensively google'd for similar issue's however, I've found none.


Kind Regards.

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Well.. This is embarrassing.

In my start file, I specified it to load config.cfg, however my file is actually called server.cfg.

After changing this embarrassing mistake, the server is properly reading the config file and everything is working as expected.


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