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Overpochins Epoch Server Crashes while reading Mission

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I'm trying to run this Overpochins package by ElDubya

I'm running the Linux Server build from here

The server starts just fine, I'm able to get in to the Lobby, and as the Mission starts being loaded, the server crashes (without any errors, the process just stops).

I've been able to find that it stops when loading this script:


Particularly, these steps cause a crash:



Line 225: RoadList = MarkerPosition nearRoads DynamicVehicleArea;
Line 226: // Very taxing !!! but only on first startup
Line 227: BuildingList = [];
Line 228: {
Line 229:     if (DZE_MissionLootTable) then {
Line 230:         if (isClass (missionConfigFile >> "CfgBuildingLoot" >> (typeOf _x))) then
Line 231:         {
Line 231:                 BuildingList set [count BuildingList,_x];
Line 233:         };
Line 234:     } else {
Line 235:         if (isClass (configFile >> "CfgBuildingLoot" >> (typeOf _x))) then
Line 236:         {
Line 237:             BuildingList set [count BuildingList,_x];
Line 238:         };
Line 239:     };
Line 240:     
Line 241:     
Line 242: } count (MarkerPosition nearObjects ["building",DynamicVehicleArea]);

I can't figure out why this is happening.

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