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Can't open inventory after Arma 1.52 update

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I upgraded my server(s) and clients to the latest Arma 1.52 and started to notice new issues with opening in-game inventory. For example, I cannot open inventory when inside the vehicle. When I come close to my Huge Storage Box and press "I", all I get is black inventory on the ground - no Cargo. If I open one of Epoch's cabinets - no Cargo inventory is available, only empty inventory on the ground. When I open blue tarp I cannot pickup any items from the skid. I use Lootspawner script and it takes MANY attempts crawling close to the loot items on the ground and looking at the items from the first person view to actually be able to see those items in the inventory screen.

Also, if I kill an AI driving a vehicle, I'm unable to get in as a driver or unlock the vehicle. Inventory options other then "Inspect" are not available.

Is this problem unique to my server/mod set or are there other users who experience these problems as well?

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