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[PRE ADDITION] Hive Child:396 / Child:397 added to writer.pl

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Edit 05.05.2014:

This has been added to the Github files already...so no need to include/change this manually. Just download the new writer.pl and copy it over your old one and adapt your values at the beginning (db constants/start gear).


I've added 2 missing Hive Child functions to the writer.pl. I call it 'Pre Addition' until Devd hopefully has a look at this and add these to the Github file.

I just took his code from another function and did it the same way.


What the functions do:

In dayz_server / compile / server_maintainArea.sqf there are these 2 calls to the Hive:

diag_log format["CHILD:397:%1:", _objectUID]; // use UID if not "0" and ID is "0"

diag_log format["CHILD:396:%1:", _objectID]; //Use ID instead of UID because ID is shorter

If you maintain base building objects via a plot pole (from dayz_code/actions/maintain_area.sqf) these calls set the damage back to 0.00000 in the database (either via ObjectID or via ObjectUID).

These were missing so far.


This is the link to the modified writer.pl (the places where I've added the changes are marked with '### jahan start' and '### jahan end'):




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