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Found 323 results

  1. It's a fact that ARMA has a dated architecture that only recently received some optimizations for multiple cores and utilizing them for different purposes (multi-tasking and multi-threading). There are several ways for you to optimize your server-side performance to get the maximum speed out of your Epoch server (because Epoch loads so many building items, it requires even more processing power). Before I continue there is a fundamental thing you have to know and consider when you configure your Epoch server: * Every client will load and have to calculate everything that occurs on your server, meaning: - Every client has to load ALL base building items - Every client has to load ALL the vehicles - Every client has to load and calculate ALL AI movement - Every client has to load and calculate ALL clan logos/custom graphics Another thing to consider is the fact that there is something called ragdoll and physics in ARMA 3, basically it is a set of calculations applied to each player body, each AI-body, and each car, and for a moment, also every placed building block. All vehicles run physics-calculations in real-time 24/7 (100% all the time) this means that for every car you have on your server, the server and each client will have to run the calculations for physics on that vehicle all the time. Naturally more calculations are required when something happens to that vehicle (driving, getting shot at, colliding, etc.) but essentially the computing power for all these physics & ragdoll items will take a toll. Furthermore, all inventories and contents of traders, tents, vehicles, etc. are fed from the database in real-time, essentially the more items a container holds, the heavier the load on the server for each time that inventory is loaded. So if you have, say 300 items in a container, all those 300 will load in a big packet, which sucks some server performance. The less a container can hold, the less strain on the server. Now, multiply physics, and inventory calculations per client, the more clients connected, the more vehicles driving, swimming, running, flying, inventories getting opened, the more the strain on each client, and on the server. A lot of this information is also sent from the server, and Arma 3 Epoch is one of the most bandwidth-intensive games out there. When the bandwidth is maximized on either the server-side or the client-side, you will see a yellow chain link in your bottom right corner, or a red chain link, depending on how overloaded the server or the client is with data. This is also when you will see lag happening. Whereas "desynch" (client and server not having the same information, and thus weird things happen) and rubberbanding (which looks like teleporting/warping) is usually a combination of over-stressed CPU (server and or client-side). It is also important to know that in player interaction, the weakest link is usually the cause of the issues, for example: It doesn't matter if you are connected with a 1Gbit connection, with an awesome CPU and GPU, if the server is overloaded, that's the problem, you can't fix it clientside. But the same thing is if you and your friends are connected and your friend has a shitty Internet connection and/or computer and happens to be driving the car. He will lag/desynch based on his low-performance equipment, and that will affect you, and anyone trying to blow that car up (because the car will behave erratically). Virtual Machines It should also be known that the arma3 server-file has issues with running on virtual machines (VMWare, or XenServer, etc.) essentially the performance output gets negated by as much as 30% if you run it on the same hardware as a dedibox, ARMA 3 is currently (2014-12-30) not well-optimized for running on Virtual Machines. Dedicated, native servers will see better performance than a VM. How do I combat/fix this? With these basic fundamentals in knowing how the server works, you as a player need to know that connecting to a server with hundreds of vehicles, or tens of thousands of buildables, or tons of AI-missions will not necessarily be a good thing for your game experience. While there may be plenty of content to have fun with, the experience with all that content will soon turn sour when your client FPS sinks (because the server has low performance, or is under too much strain (yes this affects clients too, if the server is the weakest link, all clients suffer)) your gameplay and experience will suffer too. Currently, the thoroughly tested, recommended max settings for cars on an Epoch server is 150, and the max amount of buildables is 1500 and the max amount of container content is 1500. This is the default settings in Epoch and it is what makes it possible for a server like Mellys to run 100 clients connected, with little to no issues. Yes, there will be a struggle to find a car, but the experience for each player will be as optimal as ARMA 3 Epoch can be with 100 players connected simultaneously. The only possible compromise if you want to have more vehicles, more buildables, more missions, etc. is to allow for fewer clients (less than 100 players). It doesn't matter if the server has SSD-drives, or 1Gbit up and down, or 32GB DDR5 RAM on a super-high cache Xeon-processor. The arma3server-binary can't handle more than a certain amount of load anyways. No logs, memory handlers, and toggles If you run a server with hyperthreading you should use the following toggle (do NOT combine it with cpuCounts=X or threads=X, etc.): -enableHT If you want to squeeze some more performance out of your server with an optimized memory allocator, use the following (download fred's dll here https://github.com/fred41/tbbmalloc_arma/raw/master/dwarden/uptodate_bins.zip ) and place its contents in your dlls-directory where you have arma3server: -malloc=tbbmalloc IF you want to squeeze some extra FPS out of the server you can also turn off RPT-logging (not recommended if you are having issues or are actively tracking other problems/reports) by using: -nologs Setting the processor priority higher is also recommended: -high Server shutdowns The recommended shutdown hours currently for optimal performance is 3 hours, the reason why we have to shut down the server with certain intervals is because of essentially two reasons: 1) Memory leaking (binaries leak RAM, and start performing poorly and thus need to be terminated and restarted) and 2) Clutter (basically a bunch of loops that get stuck due to poor code, vehicle explosions that take up unnecessary bandwidth, corpse clutter, and other things that are a detriment that increases over time on server performance). Hardware - CPU ARMA 3 is processor clock dependent first (both client- and server-side). Having a CPU clock of 3.9GHz or higher is recommended. Intel Xeon-processors have been proven to perform better than regular non-server CPU:s. - RAM More than 8GB per server has not been reported to make any difference whatsoever unless you run a lot of other things or multiple servers on the same machine - Hard Drive Speed SSD-hard drives improve loading performance severely, which means quicker reboots and startup-times for the server, but after the server is loaded everything is handled from the computers RAM, which is much faster than SSD-drives currently. - Bandwidth Expect an ARMA 3 Server have been reported to use around 1Mbit per connected client (server-to-client upstream bandwidth). This means that with 50 players, you will need about 50Mbit upload. The server downloads much less data than this. -------------------------------------------------- Bottom line As a server owner you really need to consider the factors involved: Amount of vehicles (more than 150 will mean you will have to lower your max allowed connected clients from 100) Amount of buildables (more than 1500 will mean you will have to lower your max allowed connected clients from 100) Amount of storage space (more than 1500 will mean you will have to lower your max allowed connected clients from 100) Your server performance is measured in FPS and CPS - the standard FPS without load will be about 49-50FPS server-side, server-FPS and client-FPS are not the same thing, it is not as vital for server-FPS to be so high, everything 15FPS or higher will leave little to no issues. The same thing goes for CPS, which is the processing power used for Artificial Intelligence and non-gamebased calculations (like the AntiHack). The same principle for AI applies to this, the two values should be about the same normally. These values are heavily affected by (in order of performance-drain): 1) Connected clients, 2) Amount of vehicles 3) Amount of buildables 4) Contents of inventory --------------------------------------------------
  2. Hello, I am TehAtomicPotato a pretty experienced server developer with experience in working with linux epoch/overpoch servers and over a thousand hours playing the mod, most of which have been in epoch. The server I was an admin on in the past had its funding cut so I'm looking for a new summer project. I know whats fair and don't take bullshit from anyone. I have tons of free time on my hands right now so I'd always be on the server keeping people happy and in check. So if anyone needs any extra Admins for watching the server or for adding scripts I'd love to help. Happy hunting TehatomicPotato
  3. We were looking for a live map tool to administer our server remotely. There didn't seem to be anything specifically written for epoch, so I hacked one that was written for Bliss. Its not the best, but it shows live players and vehicles from a web browser. You will need access to a web server with PHP installed, and access to your MySQL instance to use this (I assume that some hosting environments don't provide this). https://github.com/linuxx/DayZMapper Let me know what you think. *UPDATE September 15, 2013 -Fixed Survivor kills, and bandit kills **UPDATE September 17, 2013 -Added backpack inventory to player hover- -Fixed formatting on player hover ***UPDATE May 2, 2014 -Fixed the tool tip on hidden vehicles or players from poping up -Made the tool tips easier to understand with better formatting -Changed the install procedure, check the new config.php!! ****UPDATE May 18, 2015 -Added Napf
  4. i just picked up an arma 3 server through FPSGamers.com, and have no idea how to implement the chernarus map. i have the battle eye mod already installed on it as well as the epoch. i have searched the forums but have only found how to do this with a dedicated server. any help would be appreciated.
  5. Hey im wondering if I can get anyone to try joining my server to see if its public and showing on list. When I search for it in the in game browser I get nothing but through remote connection I can find it and get in. I also tried finding my server on A3Launcher and it does not show up but theres a button at the bottom that says server not showing up? check server. So I clicked and entered the ip and port and then it says yay server added to list, but when I go back and search its still not on list. So if anyone is willing to try finding it and joining and then letting me know if they can or not that would be awesome. The ip is and the name is MEN OF EPOCH. Thanks
  6. Ok so I have an idea that I just thought of but I dont have the experience or know-how to even begin thinking how it would work. The idea is implementing a soundscape mod like JSRS or L_ES into a server, but without the need of players to download it. I feel as if Arma 3 is seriously lacking depth of detail in the sounds. An epoch server with something like this on it would be amazing, whether you needed this or not prior to joining the server.
  7. Hey guys figured I share this http://www.dedispec.com/client/aff.php?aff=013 Their servers are affordable and you get your own dedicated machine with remote desktop and full control. Customer service is reliable and efficient.
  8. Hi there RPT File: http://pastebin.com/rvGMsqN5 I'm turning to the epoch mod community to see if I can get some sort of help here because I'm not too sure where i've gone wrong My server works(ish) but I keep getting this error spammed in my .RPT file BIS_Effects_Init = true; diag_log "Res> 6:33:27 Error position: <BIS_Effects_Init = true; diag_log "Res> 6:33:27 Error Missing ; 6:33:27 File z\addons\dayz_code\system\BIS_Effects\init.sqf, line 1 6:33:27 Error in expression <\dayz_code\system\BIS_Effects\init.sqf" BIS_Effects_Init = true; The script I am trying to add is the I've had problem with it since. The install instructions are pretty simple, simply add call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "addons\bike\init.sqf"; to my init.sqf file underneath my compiles file. Here is my init.sqf file : http://pastebin.com/ZefmkC96 You can see at the very bottom of my init.sqf I have #include "\z\addons\dayz_code\system\BIS_Effects\init.sqf" but for some reason, the error still gets spammed. Note: I should add at this point that the deploy anything script doesn't even work. (I have added both addons and overwrite folder) to the mission directory. However the deploy anything script has a ui_selectSlot.sqf already included and I already have my own. I Differmerge that and found that the only addon to the file was this //### BEGIN MODIFIED CODE: extra click actions { private["_classname","_text","_execute","_condition"]; _classname = _x select 0; _text = _x select 1; _execute = _x select 2; _condition = _x select 3; // if the clicked item matches, then assign the script call and display text if(_item == _classname && (call compile _condition)) then { _menu = _parent displayCtrl (1600 + _numActions); _menu ctrlShow true; _height = _height + (0.025 * safezoneH); uiNamespace setVariable ['uiControl', _control]; _menu ctrlSetText _text; _menu ctrlSetEventHandler ["ButtonClick",_execute]; _numActions = _numActions + 1; }; } forEach DZE_CLICK_ACTIONS; //### END MODIFIED CODE: extra click actions Which I have added right above _pos set [3,_height]; I've also gone into the overwrites\click_actions\init.sqf and change the location of player_selectSlot to the current modified version that I have already (custom\ui_selectSlot.sqf) I've also uploaded the addons and overwrite folder so that if the problem might be in them, someone could possibly help out. http://www.mediafire.com/download/ny9996chck53o3n/QCubes+addons+and+overwrites.rar Thanks in advance if you can help!!!!
  9. Hi, I am having issues setting up the below status bar: https://github.com/piXm8/statusBar I have followed the steps but my server will not load the mission file if i add the below line to my description.ext: class RscTitles { #include "scripts\statusBar.hpp" }; I am new to server hosting, especially Epoch. Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Vequis
  10. Hello, I've been trying to setup a server for a very long time. Could not get enough information from google/epoch forums or any other source on how i may fix this problem. I'd appreciate if one could help me out here. i have pretty much the default template for everything. config.cfg HiveExt.ini arma2oaserver.rpt init.sqf Database is pretty much default. https://photos-1.dropbox.com/t/0/AADPkBCoa5FpYYuvRxrpy5dJ0IgYDz7ceSCXRDfdZZ8lCw/12/123774030/png/1024x768/3/1411473600/0/2/sqlscrn.png/eYsQj5LnONotLmB97QFnAq-TFNUCMTQLY1bC5ZqRKbQ [sorry i didn't upload it to tinyurl etc. it's 4 in the morning and i would like atleast 2 hours of sleep before i have to get up again.] Any idea?
  11. Hi! I'm having a small issue with my DayZ Overpoch server... A few days back we were playing on the server just fine when the server crashed due to an unknown error, now only I can find the server whereas my four other players cannot.
  12. I'm trying to get an Epoch server going on my Windows Server 2012 dedicated home server. I get everything copied over, set up, and running; no errors reported in server message box. I join the server using my external IP and it'll work fine until I quit and try to relog. When I relog it goes through everything as it should gets past authentication and everything but sticks on the loading screen just before I should get in and I can even hear ocean sounds. I did see some people have this issue, but, it's client-side. I know it's not client-side since I can join other servers no problem and if I restart my server I can get back in. I check the server message box after I get stuck and there's still no errors so I'm at a complete loss as to what's happening. Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Also, sorry if someone has posted this issue before, I've searched for days now and can't find anything on it.
  13. Hi everyone! I am currently in the process of setting up an overpoch server and everything worked until I tried to install Plot for Life (follow the tutorial and got the files from here: ). What happens is when someone tries to join it loads everything but fails to authenticate. I know its not just my arma because I have had several people try it and the same thing happened to everyone. To get it to work again I just have to change the init file back to normal and the server works fine again. In the client logs there is this in the end but there are no other errors: Client: Network message dc9b (update info 317910e0) is pending Client: Network message dc9c (update info 31790fc0) is pending Client: Network message dc9c (update info 31791018) is pending Client: Network message dc9d (update info 317910c8) is pending Client: Network message dc9e (update info 31790f68) is pending "PLOGIN: Retrying Authentication... (76561198044993880)" "PLOGIN: Retrying Authentication... (76561198044993880)" "PLOGIN: Retrying Authentication... (76561198044993880)" "PLOGIN: Retrying Authentication... (76561198044993880)" "PLOGIN: Retrying Authentication... (76561198044993880)" "PLOGIN: Retrying Authentication... (76561198044993880)" "PLOGIN: Authentication Failed (76561198044993880)" "End Mission" I don't know where the server logs are but if someone can point me to them I'll upload them. If there are any other file or any other information let me know and I'll upload it. I appreciate any help I can get, thanks. P.S. I already have several mods installed but I don't remember what they all are but I can find out if necessary
  14. Hey, I just followed this tut here to make a new server on a dedicated box, no host or anything. The server seems to run fine but I can't find it in DayZ Commander, Launcher or the game its self. Any help please? I opened ports: 2302 2300 2301 If you need any files, please ask!
  15. Ok, so this is an issue which I'm sure has affected someone here. I have both scripts for SingleCurrency (1.1 I think?) and AdminTools and there seems to be a clash... Basically between "dialog.hpp" and "defines.hpp", they have RscTextT, RscListBox, RscShortcutButton and a few others all of which are contained within both files. But because they are in both files, I get stuck on waiting for host when joining my server, and then an error which says something about "RscTextT, Line 18 Member Already Defined" If I head into the two .hpp files and change the variable names, the Admin Tools stop working... i.e. I can't open any of the Admin Tools menus... So is there an easy way of getting Admin Tools to work with Single Currency? Thanks!
  16. Hi guys, First post here. I've got my server up and running with a bunch of addons (scripts) and all this fancy loot table stuff, very happy with it! But I'm sick of Sauerland, and I couldn't seem to get the server to change the Mission it loads... When I changed all the .sqm's and used DayZ_Epoch_24.Napf it still loads in as Sauerland!!! My server_log says "19:59:42 Mission DayZ Epoch Napf read from directory." but in Arma 2 Multiplayer it says "Mission: Sauerland" at the bottom... So confused! :angry: Any help? Thanks! *FIXED* by trial and error
  17. We are currently looking for an Arma II Epoch server/Community to play on with 10-15 people on everyday. We live in the central United States and want no higher than 120 ping. I would like to see a simple pvp server but with custom add-ons.
  18. Hi, this is my first post on these forums, as well as the first time that I have tried to play the Epoch mod. Whenever I try to join a server (I am using the 0.3 build) I get an error message saying that "...files are not signed by an accepted key on this server". Does this mean that I need some kind of alpha key to play, I mean it doesn't say anywhere on the main page for the epoch mod, and I'm also having trouble finding help on the internet as well. Anyhow, all help is appreciated as this mod looks great, and I would love to help out in it's current alpha state.
  19. Hi, for your information .. cant say what was done on the server at the time. Saw in windows event viewer. It says: Looks alike, another day this happened 4 times in 7 days, seems random. we have mods running, so don't be bothered. 1 hang so far. if u need translations, pls ask. Server Win 2012 R2 with enough ram
  20. Hi ! I just want to ask if i can get the actual official serverfiles for a3epoch to run it as linux version ... Tryed it out today with the leaked serverfiles and worked smoothly... But i dont want to use leaked server files . so it would be a pleasure to test it on Linux for you. If the devs dont allow i will not start the server with the leaked serverfiles again. Thanks...
  21. Hello, I have got a Problem. If I join my server I can stay in the lobby perfectly. If i would join my server he is kicking me back in to the Lobby and there is this text: This Server is running an Incorrect version of the server side application. You can not play on this server. If you are the server admin please contact DayZ Epoch stuff. I used the DayZ Epoch Server release.7z Files. Can anyone help me?
  22. LINUX SERVER. Kernel and CPU Linux 2.6.32-042stab094.7 on x86_64 Processor information Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2620 0 @ 2.00GHz, 10 cores Memory 10 GB RAM Operating system Debian Linux 7 All players get this error when they join: "This server is running an incorrect version of the server side application. You cannot play on this server. If you are the server admin please contact DayZ Epoch Staff." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Error Log: dump.log http://pastebin.com/1jeAh6Uu ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I use: Debian 7 64 bits (screen, gcc, perl, mysql, libjson-xs-perl, libdbd-mysql-perl, lib32stdc++6) DayZ Epoch Linux Server by denisio. & by DeadReid. My files: epoch.sh http://pastebin.com/68pM29i7 (I only change -mod="..." to overpochins). writer.pl http://pastebin.com/PvG1sFw0 My Scripts: Infistar and others. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks in advance
  23. Hello guys here is my new epoch server tutorial on my channel more will be coming out soon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HW4xhVwsns&ab_channel=TheFlyingJetsvvvv
  24. SOLUTION: Put that line in your startup parameters: "-malloc=tbb3malloc_bi" Hello, i know that many admins out there have that strange Problem of Server Crashes since the new Patch (Privately and Official Hosters). I want to collect all the admins of server in this Topic with that random server crash, so we can get maybe a fix. At the moment there is no fix available - we wiped our server and did a complete new install - it crashes. What i know is, that the problem is coming from this file: "tbb4malloc_bi.dll" Please leave your messages here, so we can work together on that problem. Maybe an Admin of the Epoch Team can read this here and help us out of it. THX Stranger
  25. Hello Gamers, i've got a certain problem with Sauerland. We did a few changes in the 3D Editor and SelfBB/Snapping Tool. After an Arma2OA Update the server wasnt able to start the .pbo! Now we changed the edited .pbo to the original. We've played with it for 2-3 Weeks without a problem. But now the server had the same problem with the original sauerland.pbo. Does anyone else has the same probs? Or is it a Nitrado problem? Or is it a wickedAI/DZMS prob? Thanks for any help. cheers Shizo
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