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  1. Hi! I have a problem! I can assemble a bike with one wheel and a one Scrap metall
  2. Can vylozhitfayl to another file sharing. When you try to download Fail says "Oops! Something went wrong!"
  3. Can upload to another file exchanger. When you try to download a file download gives an error says "Oops! Something went wrong!"
  4. Did so, but the boxes are stubbornly unwilling to appear! On serverer Chernarus box appeared, but the server does not appear NAPF!
  5. Hey. Help solve the problem. Created sector, dotted boxes, carved boxes in a separate code file crates.sqf. Received such a code. But the problem is, when I put the boxes on the server I do not find them in the place where he staged. I can tell me what is wrong?
  6. Very useful tools. Installed server statistics! Only there are no statistics. http://global-recons...tats/chernarus/ What could be the problem?
  7. Thank you so much! Everything worked!
  8. The problem I installed the card on hosting vilaer NAPF, and the problem is that they do not work when you approach them no inscription a trader menu! Help how do I isravit!
  9. Help how to do the revival of certain players with the necessary loot?
  10. подскажите пожалуйста в какой папке сервера vilaer найти этот файлик?
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