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  1. caboose1


    Save, and restart server. Hopefully that will resolve your issue. Cheers mate I got there the same time as you! we are all good now! Appreciate the time out for the help !
  2. caboose1


    Isn't really making sense to me.Is it this? [] execVM "ZEVMission\ZEVMissionClientInit.sqf"; or this? "mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Altis\init.sqf" or both? Fixed I just added !="[] execVM "ZEVMission\ZEVMissionClientInit.sqf" to that line
  3. caboose1


    Isn't really making sense to me.Is it this? [] execVM "ZEVMission\ZEVMissionClientInit.sqf"; or this? "mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Altis\init.sqf" or both? that was the whole line from my log file this is line 23 7 exec !="<execute expression=" !"RscDebugConsole_execute" !"execFSM" !"_executeStackedEventHandler" !"fn_execVM" !"fn_moduleExecute" !"fn_execRemote" !"fn_MPexec" !"bis_fnc_moduleExecute_activate" !"fn_tridentExecute" !"randomize_civ1" !"executed from" !"EPOCH_DebugGUI_exec" !"_handle = [_display] execVM _script;" !"execVM \"\A3\Structures_F\scripts" !="execVM \"\A3\Structures_F_EPC\Civ\PlayGround\scripts\Carousel_spin.sqf\"" !="reviveExecuteTemplates" im confused! So its the line in my Init which is [] execVM "ZEVMission\ZEVMissionClientInit.sqf";"
  4. caboose1


    So i have read the link for BE for dummies and i am still struggling to figure out the kick i am getting! #22 "#line 1 "mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Altis\init.sqf" [] execVM "ZEVMission\ZEVMissionClientInit.sqf";" 17:59:36 : Player #0 Caboose (9812548565563711a59c91f61a1) has been kicked by BattlEye: Script Restriction #22 this is my scripts.txt these are lines 20,21,22 7 assignAsCargo !="_x assignAsCargo axeGeneralsBoat;" !="axeVIP assignAsCargo vehicle player;" !="axeVIP assignAsCargo vehicle axeVIP;" 7 playableunits !="getDir _x, name _x];};}forEach playableUnits;};if" !"{getplayeruid _x == _ownerVar} count playableunits" !="lbSetData[21500, _index, netId _x];\n} forEach(playableUnits - [player]);" 7 allUnits !="allUnits-playableUnits;};if" !="{_x allowFleeing 0} forEach allUnits;" !="EPOCH_ESPMAP_TARGETS = allUnits + vehicles;" can any one explain to me what im looking for and where it goes
  5. Sorry for being stupid but will my server still show in the server list if i change launch parameters? I was disappearing when i was trying this before!
  6. Need this to be a random weather event :)
  7. caboose1


    maybe i just assumed they are locked then!
  8. Hi I had an idea for beds. Maybe you could sleep in them. Sleeping would/could offer the following benefits - Allows you to respawn at bed location - Bed needs to be slept in at each restart. Bed offers some limited storage Sleeping offers a full regen of stamina (once per restart) I think this would help out a bit with all building related deaths - at least once anyway.
  9. +1 Some good ideas here Added to my wishlist
  10. A Place to take your vehicle and in return you receive scrap metal. One on the map at the dump or some area like that.
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