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  1. I updated the main repository with this pull request (untested). THANK YOU @ebaydayz for updating this for everyone and releasing it. I see that there are new forum sections, not sure if this should be re-posted there now.
  2. Just a FYI you need !="DZE_WMOD_INVENTORY" in your publicvariable.txt file

  3. Hey guys, as you know I've been missing for a long time. First off this is NOT a message to say I'm coming back. :) I'm not really into DayZ/Arma scripting too much anymore, but I was strolling by the forum and it seems SchwEde has come up with a fix for the longstanding "bike won't move" problem. I pushed a commit to github that adds this fix to the main code. Thanks SchwEde and the rest of the community for the love and support of my scripts!
  4. mudzereli

    Death Messages

    I'm not trying to be rude but this is not even true. The variables don't do anything until they are called in the code. Most of the time (though not always) it's even safe to override functions (such as player_build, etc -- since they are just technically variables holding compiled code) waaaay after they are defined. DZE_DeathMsgGlobal = true; DZE_DeathMsgTitleText = true; DZE_DeathMsgSide = true; enableRadio false; is no different than enableRadio true; DZE_DeathMsgGlobal = true; DZE_DeathMsgTitleText = true; DZE_DeathMsgSide = true; now, it IS possible that somewhere else in your code after this block you are overriding the enableRadio true; value you set with enableRadio false;
  5. are you talking about this? I don't mind at all but: 1) it doesn't cover different animations -- just removes it 2) it's got some other weird code in there i added for blacklisting items for buying (so you can only sell but not buy them)
  6. follow the steps but everywhere you see traderMenuHive, pretend it says traderMenuConfig
  7. yes there are apparently some issues with permanent vehicles (including guns) -- I am working to fix this in a future update. sorry when i said 1.2.8 i meant 2.8.0 :blink: have you tried using 2.8.0?
  8. Would either of you want to send me a copy of your PBOs and/or server / client logs so I can take a look? I can't seem to reproduce this issue on my end so it's tough for me to figure out. I have looked through the code multiple times and don't see what could be causing this. Also, I made an update with 1.2.8 that *should* have helped fix it if you haven't tried that yet.
  9. Hmm it uses the dayz building limit right and I can totally add an option for this. I think nobody brought this up yet because 95% of people use DZE_StaticConstructionCount = 1 so it only takes one step. TLDR: I'll make this an option in upcoming future version. this vehicle is still giving you problems? it doesn't unlock after the restart? are you using another mod that uses right click actions? If so then you should follow these steps for converting the other mods to my method (its very simple -- easier than setting them up with extra_rc.hpp) Ah you can only set it up to need the epoch need items atm (fire,fueltank,workshop). I could possibly expand on this in the future but it's not my highest priority ATM. Generating keys right now is not possible. I could make it possible in the future but it would have to use a valid character ID so this would make it so that no vehicle could never be permanent and packable. so you actually got it working now/
  10. Is this modified code from the traders that buy empty bottles? If so then I think it should work. Yes it's totally possible to set this up for overpoch -- unfortunately I only went through and mapped all the guns for vanilla Epoch. On github it explains how to set up the mappings.
  11. My server has been having this problem since I switched it to 125548 yesterday. I am having this problem with both the live and test server (which are running from different PCs) After setting up the server everything runs perfectly fine, the only thing is that DZC is not detecting that the server is running epoch I tried about 500 different ways of changing the name, such as: including the version at the start > ( / 125548) not including brackets in the version > / 125548 only using the epoch version in the name > trying various other conventions that other servers had in their name that were showing up properly > [] and my conclusion is I don't think it uses the name anymore to detect versions. I am not sure if the above is true for 122555 too or just 125548. I also tried this stuff: rearranging the server's launcher parameters to make sure @DayZ_Epoch is the first mod on the server launch parameter -- still no luck. making sure everything is set up properly on GameTracker clearing my DZC cache/settings to make sure it wasn't some sort of weird DZC client-side glitch I wonder if there is an issue on the DZC end since the update yesterday? everything comes up fine on DZL (Taviana/Overwatch/Epoch are ALL detected at the right versions and showing up properly) so this makes it even more baffling.
  12. Yeah I hear you. I was just making sure I understood correctly. I am not trying to shoot down the idea or anything. This would definitely be great for having something like admin build vs player build but there are still some cross mod compatibilities that need to be ironed out. To make it work cross mods it seems like it needs to have some sort of event/listener elements where mods can register some code to be executed within & between functions. could definitely work though
  13. not a bad idea but I'm not sure how many people will actually end up using it. Let's say you and Rimblock both adapt this new player_build.sqf. Unless I am misunderstanding, the player will have to choose between building an item that has snapping or building an item that works w/ plot for life? Seems like there would be just as many compatibility issues, just manifested in a different form.
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