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  1. Hello community! We are trying to set up a new server for Napf on both Zap hosting server and a private owned Linux server. But we encounter a problem with Napf. The problem is when character dies on Napf it re-spawns in a location where he used to be couple of minutes ago with the same gear. We've been scratching our heads for couple of dayz now not understanding why, any ideas where we should look? Thanks in advance! Regards, ZF
  2. You know that DayZ feeling when you have been out doing missions for 3 hours and finally coming back to base, flying your black hawk with a SUV in tow, rich and full of gear? Then when you drop the SUV, instead of dropping bellow the heli like it usually does it drops above it. You see that and realize that everything is going to hell in a matter of milliseconds and there is nothing you can do to stop the gravity of the situation. Black Hawk gets hit by the SUV, tossed into nearby trees and explodes, then to make matter worst some jackass hears the commotion and loots whatever survived of your misfortune. The icing on the cake are the admin who refuses to assist you because they decided to go on strike :-/ So, anyone else experienced something similar in DayZ?
  3. The items fell out right after the server came up after the update, not when I opened safes for the first time... Anyway, time to put this behind us, anyone know when they will return safes to 50 weapon slots capacity?
  4. Guys, I know its only virtual items, but that the point. The problem is that it took time to gather these items, store and organize them. But with a swift update all that time have been nullified along with the virtual items. Its as if you lost 24 hours of your life for no reason. Anyway, have to stop being melodramatic. Yes, its the admins fault, he could have done a better job warning players, especially when he knew what's coming and yada yada yada. Knowing all that still does not help the bad taste I got in my mouth after logging in this morning and understanding that all the time and work I put into that stupid, broken game has been halved and there is nothing I can do about it. Being a programmer and a game design student I just cant understand what logic devs used when they decided to go with the change, it was far too careless. If this had been any other commercial game and not a dayz epoch mod, the forums would have been full of raging players. But then again, what do I know? Am just feeling sad.
  5. What the person above me is saying is true. The collision model for majority of cargo trucks is too large for garrage doors. Generally if you build one height of full cinder wall (upgraded half) and put a roof over it, then it becomes very difficult to drive a truck beneath there and handling the camera. Building one full wall and one half wall on top of it allows for just a perfect height to drive under the roof. Then if you lift the gate 4 times above the ground 99% of the cargo/fuel trucks wont have a problem driving in or out of your base, but you will have a gaping hole in the ground people can shoot through. P.S. MTVR truck exhaust pipe is too large to get through any of the gates.
  6. Good for you man, I bet your players appreciate you for it. But level with me pal. The content got spilled on the ground yes, but if you were not there to pick it up or something got fucked up and server had to restart 5 minutes after the update, you still lost your gear. Not to mention the change did not solve the issue it was intended to solve. It should have been tested properly before committing it to the build, especially when it impacts gameplay in such big way for every single player. (unless you dont own a safe) I am aware that this is just a mod and its based on a two years old mod that never came out of alpha. I know there are bugs in the game that can cause you to die just because you walk over a rock or crawled near a wall. There are bugs that can cause the content of a safe to gradually vanish. But its unprofessional to make a change to the core game play that results in players loosing large chunks of their items.
  7. I am your average player, I do appreciate an update, but I do not go look for info on what is coming in the update. Yes the admin should have been to blame, but there are different types of admins out there. The update came late on the server where I was playing, so I just logged off and went to sleep having no idea all the items would "fall out" and vanish on next server reboot. Or even that the safes were being changed, come on! They are the safes, aside from some minor bugs they are fine! But that is not why I made this thread, I made it to point out to the creator of the mod that there are things he do and things he should not do. The safe change was careless and thoughtless move on his behalf. Safes are considered to be relatively safe way to store items, yes, sometimes there are bugs. But nothing that cannot be fixed by removing and placing bugged safe a new. So far as I can guess the bug is probably some place in between the commit function and SQL, not safe storage capacity. Could also be because of an item with name that contain some odd characters that can cause bugs. My point being, safes are places where people store items. They put things in there and expect them to stay in there unless the safe gets removed. What the patch done is unprofessional and thoughtless move that ruined a lot of things for myself and many players on the server I play on. Yes, blame the admin, but now the admin is going to be just as frustrated when all the people going to complain to him because they lost either half their possessions or half their vehicle keys. Yes, there are a lot of buts and bits that could have, should have, might have been done different by the admin of the server or whatever. But I am just a player who were looking forward to the weekend with dayz and friends, I logged in today to the game I love to play, find half my stuff missing and my heart just fell. Then I started looking into why it happened, find out it the brilliant mind who put the patch together is responsible for that and my heart fell even further down. Does not matter who you are, Blizzard CEO or a popular modder, you do not make a game breaking change without taking the consequences in account, you just dont do that.
  8. Safe weapon slot change was fucking stupid. You do not do that kind of shit without thinking about the consequences, people use safes for storage, weapons, car keys and other important things to them. Then you half the storage space available to them and remove HALF OF THEIR ITEMS. Whatever reason you had to change safe storage size, that was the wrong way to do it.
  9. Been buying some vehicles from the vendor to have them locked. But came across a problem, bought an off road truck and it turned out RED. Dont need a red off road as its easy to spot, but I get little results out of google when searching for vehicle names such as HMMWV_DZ. The question is: is there a list of vehicle names plus pictures to see what you are buying before you buy it?
  10. Hi folks, I believe that zeroing on Mk 17 SD sniper rifle is broken, at least compared to Lapuna. I mean, when I tried hitting a person 300m away from me with Lapuna I just have to aim normally and pull my crosshair just a little above my target. With Mk 17 I have to pull my crosshair multiple dots above my target even when zeroed in. Is it broken or am I doing it wrong?
  11. Nobody was on the server at that time and I had to run from kamenka to stary. By the time I got there the body decomposed and no primary weapon. On the second thought it could have something to do with me having found a new primary... But it should not have. Still, I were unable to find my old rifle anywhere.
  12. Hello, just want to point out that player grave does not keep all of players equipment. I died once due to ejecting out of a vehicle too close to a wall. By the time I got back to my body it turned into a grave and my primary weapon were missing along with some other minor equipment.
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