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  1. @ 2. //Settings $pass = starwars19901; <----- FALSE $ip =; <----- FALSE .... ... //Settings $pass = "starwars19901"; <-----RIGHT $ip = ""; <-----RIGHT .... ...
  2. dayz becomes a new engine (enfusion) and includes a new script language like the syntax of C/++ . (documentation in gamefiles @ -> \dta\scripts\doc\EnfusionScript.chm) i think dayz sa is the initial of a new engine. a possible new arma 4 in the future will have the same engine. because creating a new engine from the scratch for only one game makes no sense.
  3. i think DayZ-Engine will have more pontential than Arma3-Engine in the future. (all necessary functions are already buildin, loot spawn, database / json support, etc..) its serverside, 0.44 client/server.exe with the current 0.58 experimental .pbos (needed alot fixing to get it working) release of the server files and singleplayer (only 64bit) when it comes in beta stage, maybe to end of this year.
  4. yep this would be nice! maybe in 1 , 2 - 9999 years?
  5. @Epoch_Devs will we see in the future the Epoch Mod on DayZ SA? ;) ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnIGv0vHiIQ
  6. cfgPricing is moved to @Epoch\Addons\a3_epoch_config\config.bin use unrap.exe for decoding the config.bin file (drag&drop config.bin on unRap.exe)
  7. ^^ ------------------------- bump for v0.1.7 (notice: new config settings)
  8. when it works, then it will be implemented. but for now, no mines support.
  9. this is not an error from my version. your server is try to load an script which does not exist anymore, please check your mission. FOLDER\script.sqf SDROP\init.sqf not found
  10. but not for the "Private" Households...
  11. :o 41% Servers and only 6% Players from Germany
  12. feedbacks about "working / performance, etc." from "high population servers." ?
  13. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?156684-Tutorial-Server-bandwidth-amp-Optimisation
  14. your "MinBandwidth" and "MaxBandwidth" are to high. // 1GBit 1073741824 // 200MBit 209715200 // 100MBit 104857600 // 50MBit 52428800 // 10MBit 10485760
  15. this is what epoch by default makes.. mhmm.. i will try this
  16. switch is slower than if then else. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Code_Optimisation#If_Else_If_Else_If_Else_...
  17. here the small icon for toxicity, if someone needed >> toxcity.paa variable to get the toxicity count _toxicity = round(EPOCH_playerToxicity);
  18. ! > dropping is not placeing so no worrys about the mines :)
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