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  1. that problem is 1 car have only 12 bloodpacks no more ^^ or 4 nightvisions another car i will that have 1 car more loot 3 bloodpacks, 1 nightvision e.t.c Oo
  2. how i can make random loot in cars than 11 night visions is a bit low für so a convoy ^^ ?
  3. one question i will have the loot from the vehicles random how i can do this ? the next is the player will see when start the convoy give no massage when one convoy start can me one help with this problem ? ^^
  4. must the script in the folder modules ? than in init the second script ? pls help ^^
  5. hello at all i have a problem i have made the batch but that problem is he say this the command "-mod" is not right or can not found my batch is so [email protected];@EpochHive; -config=C:\arma3server\SC\config.cfg -ip= -port=2302 -profiles=SC -cfg=C:\arma3server\SC\basic.cfg -name=SC what is wrong ? i cant find what at is i hope of you help sry for my bad english im german guy ^^
  6. hello how i can activate the builder ? i find nothing ? pls help ^^
  7. so it works but one problem i have i have installed advanced trading but one problem is over the trader menu i can sell and buy i become my coins and coins goes but when i click on advanced trading and sell or buy what i become no coins or lost coins what can is doo ?
  8. hi i have a problem with the traders i buy what and the coins go nothing when i sell or buy what can i doo to fix this problem ?
  9. i have install epoch server than p4l and than this coinsystem it have works bit now write he any any any at humanity coins and bank
  10. hello i have a problem when i login in my server than i have the hud but i see only humanity =Any coins = Any bank = Any but nothing my coins or humanity or bank can me one help to fix this problem ?
  11. i have a problem in my hud its write humanity = Any Coins =Any Bank = Any and not my numbers pls help me to fix this
  12. hello i have a problem i will sell a thing and he make an sell animation but the coins come not i become no coins from the seller what can i doo ?
  13. hi at all i have a problem with this addon when i click craft than i see the german flag so but when i push space to build he build but the flag delete the german flag is not on the place where i have build this what is this ? i hope you can help me
  14. i have a problem i cant see the goldcoin on the right side and i sell a car he write that i have become 20000 but when i will pack the coins in my car say he i have not coints Oo what can is doo ?
  15. @badduck i need too a way to find that this script work with no plot4life than i have custom scripts and can not add the plot4life in my server files ^^
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