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  1. If I remember correctly, I had tried setDamage, but there was some reason I didn't use it. Does it leave their corpses?
  2. MadMartyr

    Init file

    It adds a menu item to tents (and maybe some other objects...I don't remember) that allows a user to save their current data (inventory, position, health). Some servers were having an issue with this, if I remember correctly. I could be completely wrong, though, as I've never had any such issues outside of my time using Taviana and just skipped over those posts.
  3. My server is whitelisted, but I use phoenix admin tools and spectate players randomly. That, along with a mostly locked down BattlEye configuration, and I don't worry much.
  4. I believe he means Taviana, as it's the official map for Origins.
  5. Had all kinds of issues with the north of the islands on Tavi. Logging out there, and be reset as a new spawn. Leaving vehicles there and they'd be destroyed occasionally (this was after I fixed the ResetOOBVehicles option). Eventually, I just switched my server to Lingor, and I love it. Series of islands, bridges, probably not as big as Tavi, but most all of the buildings have their interiors open and it has a tropical feel which is nice for a change.
  6. I think one of the threads said that their current storage is 50/10/2 (maybe 7 on the backpacks...not positive). As for all of the classnames, I'm not sure. I tried adding some of the classnames that aren't listed in the dynamic spawn sqf directly in to the database, and they didn't show up, so we'll need them to chime in on which vehicles, exactly, are included.
  7. Yeah, redoing my custom fn_selfActions.sqf took care of it. Don't know why it stopped working in the first place, though.
  8. Redoing my custom fn_selfActions.sqf to see if something went screwy there.
  9. When attempting to remove debris or a plot pole, I don't see a listing for it in my scroll menu. In my RPT, however, I see this message: Any help in tracking this down would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Trying to work out an error I'm getting for type conversion (even though the script still works). I believe it's caused by the script running on the server, when it should only be running on the client (if I remember correctly, zombies are client-controlled...correct me if I'm wrong). Stay tuned.
  11. Didn't see the word "see" in your original post. My bad. :unsure:
  12. Had that problem with Tavi removing vehicles at the extreme north. Make sure ResetOOBVehicle is set to false.
  13. A nice solution, maca, but a bit different than what I've provided. Yours is a buildable that kills zombies, while mine is a feature of the 30m Plot Pole that keeps a base clear of zombies at all times.
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