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  1. under everything worked fine then updated to and this crash happens after about 5 mins. startup parameters: -malloc=system [email protected];@EpochHive; -config=SC\config.cfg -port=2332 -profiles=SC -cfg=SC\basic.cfg -name=SC also tried limiting the redis to 2 gb's instead of 4 did clean install of arma 3 and epoch update through steamcmd from other topics that i have read: How much memory does your server have? 24 gigs running in firedaemon do you start server with -malloc=system (seeing it's a 64 bits machine) ? initially no then tried after same result Under what type of account is the server running ? Admin Does it crash after a while, or instantly ? after 5 mins Have you ran updates for all your .net and C++ runtime libraries? yes Do you have an anti-virus running on the server ? yes
  2. I try vehicle spawn and states it is spawned but no where near me doing it on main airfield also. when spawning other items are fine.
  3. yes that was all set Just deleted restarted again and seems to work obviously some setting was not right but convinced change the same settings. anyhow all resolved. cheers for posts
  4. yes it is but never seen any connection to it successful but not seen any connection.
  5. in the error log i get this at the end: any ideas what could be the problem? i have ran other arma 3 servers without issue. checked ports using steam cmd to update files prior to launch.
  6. when i just use your files as is, i get an error: 2014/03/26, 20:16:51 Warning Message: Script z\addons\dayz_server\system\server_monitor.sqf not found as a result its not connecting to the database. any ideas why would be the case?
  7. yeah no wories, let me know if you fin out anything anywhere else ;-) http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?84782-CAA1-public-release&p=2437164&viewfull=1#post2437164 there was links in that thread for keys but they are now dead hoping someone will post them up again.
  8. i've asked on the bi forums to see if i can get some answers there about the keys.
  9. cheers for your help but already had those keys in the folder i will re download that map from play with six as the one i'm using is from armaholic see if that makes diff
  10. tried and afraid not. turned on the signature checks and just those blasted keys.
  11. missing keys from caa1 even though i copied over the keys, server runs @caa1;@dayz_epoch;@dayz_epoch_server says i'm missing server keys: caa1_a_camel.pbo caa1_a_ka50.pbo caa1_a_m113.pbo caa1_c_ah6.pbo caa1_c_camel.pbo caa1_c_cti_buildings.pbo and prob more but doesn't show. now i did turn off the signatures and the server works fine but for security i would like to have it turned on to 2. if there something i missed? i just copied the 2 keys from the @caa1/keys folder in to the keys folder on the server.
  12. has anyone tried setting this map up? having trouble getting it going have all the keys in the key folder on a fresh install still no joy. I did have an epoch cherno but want something fresh and proving difficult to achieve.
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