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  1. If you want to check them out without using the affiliation link no one is stopping you.
  2. Hey guys figured I share this http://www.dedispec.com/client/aff.php?aff=013 Their servers are affordable and you get your own dedicated machine with remote desktop and full control. Customer service is reliable and efficient.
  3. On my server I added Dynamic Traders and added a Banker which trades metals for coins and has the bank dialog.
  4. Anyway to make the helicopter evac script using your 999 Hive Dlll? Since the steam patch replacing Player UIDs with SteamIDs you cannot longer write the helipads to the DB. Basically the script tries to write the Helipad with your SteamID/PlayerUID on the CharacterID in the ObjectDATA Table. However the CharacterID on ObjectDATA only supports Int with 11 digits max. I've tried changing to Bigint but no use since the Hive.dll is forced to use Int. Script Link:
  5. I am working on a Epoch based mod, adding a ton of extra features. I don't know what the final goal is going to be, but as of right now it's just a private server mod. What that means is that ATM we don't plan on releasing it. However who knows where this will end. If you have Teamspeak 3 and have used AddonSync before send me a private message and I'll give you the information required.
  6. Anyone interested in configuration files for the Fallujah Map on Epoch? ie. Traders Instance Folder Mission Folder
  7. player_tagFriendly_2.sqf with GPS and Radio requirements private ["_target","_caller","_callerUID","_targetUID","_name","_rfriendlies","_itemsPlayer","_hasRadio","_hasGPS","_callerID"]; _target = _this select 0; _caller = _this select 1; _name = name _target; _itemsPlayer = items player; _hasRadio = "ItemRadio" in _itemsPlayer; _hasGPS = "ItemGPS" in _itemsPlayer; call fnc_usec_medic_removeActions; r_action = false; _callerID = _caller getVariable "CharacterID"; _rfriendlies = _target getVariable ["friendlies", []]; if ((_callerID in _rfriendlies) && (_hasRadio && _hasGPS))then { _callerUID = getPlayerUID _caller; _targetUID = getPlayerUID _target; FriendlyESPArray = FriendlyESPArray + [_targetUID]; _caller publicVariableClient "FriendlyESPArray"; titleText [format["You've established radio contact with %1.",_name], "PLAIN DOWN", 3]; } else { titleText [format["You need to have a Radio, GPS and be friends with %1 before you can establish radio contact.",_name], "PLAIN DOWN", 3]; }; now need to figure out how to remove group icons if a player drops the gps or radio
  8. Looking good. If the script would have an item requirement and worked good with infistarAH then I would be in your debt forever.
  9. I reworked all the DZAI spawn triggers and moved them all in the island. Then changed the AIs to re-spawn after 1 hr min 1.5 hrs max Overall there is approximately 100-120 AIs that spawn in the Island and with a team of 4-6 players if organized they can clear the island.
  10. Try this, i was unable to test since I don't have the actual deploy script but if I'm not mistaken it should work.
  11. Its located in the 3D or 2D editor, under the map eu stuff
  12. I have been trying to do something like that but no success
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