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  1. Crazmanian

    Dayz Videos

    Hi guys not sure if this is in the right section but wanted to share a few dayz videos with you for those that may be interested. Will keep this updated with my new Dayz videos. Please leave a Like and Subscribe if you want to see more My Channel: http://www.Youtube.com/crazmanian Latest Video:
  2. Need a server thread accepted and there seems to be no one accepting them or replying to messages. There hasn't been any new server threads for a few weeks now.anyone around to help?
  3. Yes in the community server section
  4. Why isn't my server thread being posted it follows all rules and I've posted it 3 times now with no explanation of why it's not being posted and all my messages to devs,mods,and admins aren't being replied too.
  5. I get same my limit is set at 150 and seems that when you lift plot pole and then try to build it comes up with the same to many items in 30m even tho I'm not at the limit and let's me build after a restart
  6. We removed them and the gun from the loot and traders solved the problem. Plenty of other guns in overpoch shouldnt miss them
  7. its ok thought it would be the compiles just wanted to check
  8. with file do i redirect it in and what code will it be to do that
  9. No we havent got single currency running and traders im not 100% on but think its hive traders. Best way to tell?
  10. Cant get this to work theres no hint box is there something else i need to do to get the hint boxes?
  11. Have added the files and the vehicle menus display no vehicles at all. have added the hive line and the config lines still nothing works
  12. Hey i have been looking all day on the forum and the server files and im wondering how to add the storage space next to the trader name. I thought i found it in the cfgvehicle.hpp file but it hasnt seemed to work. Any ideas ??? Thanks
  13. Crazmanian

    Cheytac Error

    Hi on our server when ever someone picks the ammo or the weapon it pops up cannot play/edit this mission error anyone have any ideas or a fix as ive seen it on other servers and i don't think that error was on there servers. Sorry if there's a fix on here ive looked and couldn't see it.
  14. Im having a problem with on screen messages missons work fine but theres no messages poping for misson start and misson finish anyone have any ideas. Not sure if its related but also death messages arent appearing in the center of the screen either.
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