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  1. Another bump :\. Still cant seem to get this fixed
  2. Hi, I'm trying to connect to an Epoch server. (that is running But whenever I try to connect, it says "You are running an outdated version of Epoch ( Please install the latest version." when I AM running, on the title screen to the right it also says I'm running but DayZCommander says I'm running, I have tried reinstalling many times, I have tried manually installing the files and nothing has worked. Can somebody help? (Btw, the server I'm trying to connect to is [MGT] Epoch Panthera, which is a server that is constantly full) EDIT: It somehow fixed itself, I just had to leave it alone for a couple of hours. EDIT 2: It's acting up again, it seems to do it at random and it's REALLY annoying, I will actually need help this time XD
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