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  1. well my server client files are updated to latest my dayz epoch files are 1.5.1 and the client i want to play from are also the latest if you guys want to check it out my server ip is password is ugl775885995
  2. Hi guys hope you can help me. I am running patch 1.6.3 125548 arma 2 oa but i want to play on my 1.5.1 server how can i play? when i join there server i get into the multiplayer menu it works then i get a message saying...this server is running an incorrect version of the server side aplication blah blah blah please help me
  3. Hello Everyone i need +- 50 people to test my server i want to see if anyone is going to lag or not its just a few things i want to try befor i buy the server. If you are will to help please inbox me your number and i will send you an sms what date we will test it (Will sms you no matter where in the world you are)
  4. Hello i just finished building my base i used a old barn but the zombies still keep walking throught the door ways(closed with a cinderblock wall) PLEASE help how can i am it stop
  5. Hello i would like to know how to modify the ingame uniforms.Like lets say i want to modify my characters uniform and add a logo on the back of the shirt how is that done??? I allready know how to edit his face but would like to know how to do hes clothing please if anyone knows how to do this please help me. Thank you very much
  6. I am in the same boat i am looking to brand my server name on the cloths
  7. Working on the servers website :)

  8. what do i do with that lol i am new to dayz :)
  9. Hello just want to know how to spawn another player to my location please?Please help
  10. can you mabe link me to a building/crafting page?that say what is needed to create some stuff :) :D Thank you very much for all your help s far :D :D :D
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