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  1. Does anyone know any? looking for around £60 a month or so, as £100 is too expensive atm 16gb ram + 2 ssds or 1 ssd and 1 hdd I've been with GTX and Vilayer and didn't like the experience Thanks!
  2. I seem to get some wierd things going on at traders. 1. It takes atleast a minute to spawn about 2 hours into server uptime 2. When it does spawn it disappears when a player goes to unlock
  3. @Storm Do you still have that stuff i need to put in for the donator bank max? I deleted the doc by accident
  4. (/s "while {sleep 1;hotkey_hitme == 1} do { hintSilent parseText format [" <t size='0.95' font='Bitstream' align='center' color='#FFBF00'>Survived %7 Days</t><br/> <t size='1.25' font='Bitstream'align='center' color='#D60000'>Pure Pc Gaming</t><br/> <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream'align='center' color='#D60000'>purepcgaming.enjin.com</t><br/> <t size='0.95' font='Bitstream' align='left' >[%18]</t><t size='0.95' font='Bitstream' align='right'>[FPS: %10]</t><br/> <t size='0.95' font='Bitstream' align='left' >Players: %8</t><t size='0.95 'font='Bitstream' align='right'>Within 500m: %11</t><br/> <t size='0.95' font='Bitstream' align='left' >Vehicles:</t><t size='0.95' font='Bitstream'align='right'>%13(%14)</t><br/> <t size='0.95' font='Bitstream' align='left' >Zombies (alive/total): </t><t size='0.95' font='Bitstream' align='right'>%20(%19)</t><br/> <t size='0.95' font='Bitstream' align='left' color='#FFBF00'>Zombies Killed: </t><t size='0.95' font='Bitstream' align='right'>%2</t><br/> <t size='0.95' font='Bitstream' align='left' color='#FFBF00'>Headshots: </t><t size='0.95' font='Bitstream' align='right'>%3</t><br/> <t size='0.95' font='Bitstream' align='left' color='#FFBF00'>Murders: </t><t size='0.95' font='Bitstream' align='right'>%4</t><br/> <t size='0.95' font='Bitstream' align='left' color='#FFBF00'>Bandits Killed: </t><t size='0.95' font='Bitstream' align='right'>%5</t><br/> <t size='0.95' font='Bitstream' align='left' color='#FFBF00'>Humanity: </t><t size='0.95' font='Bitstream' align='right'>%6</t><br/> <t size='0.95' font='Bitstream' align='left' color='#FFBF00'>Blood: </t><t size='0.95' font='Bitstream' align='right'>%9</t><br/> <t size='0.95' font='Bitstream' align='left' >GPS: %22</t><br/> <t size='0.95' font='Bitstream'align='center' color='#D60000'>ts-purepcgaming.ts3dns.com</t><br/> <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream'align='center' color='#5882FA'>Restart in %25 Minutes</t><br/>", (name player), (player getVariable['zombieKills', 0]), (player getVariable['headShots', 0]), (player getVariable['humanKills', 0]), (player getVariable['banditKills', 0]), (player getVariable['humanity', 0]), (dayz_Survived), (count playableUnits), r_player_blood, (round diag_fps), (({isPlayer _x} count (getPos vehicle player nearEntities [["AllVehicles"], 500]))-1), viewdistance, (count([6800, 9200, 0] nearEntities [["StaticWeapon","Car","Motorcycle","Tank","Air","Ship"],25000])), count vehicles, (count([6800, 9200, 0] nearEntities [["Motorcycle"],25000])), (count([6800, 9200, 0] nearEntities [["Air"],25000])), (count([6800, 9200, 0] nearEntities [["Car"],25000])), (gettext (configFile >> 'CfgVehicles' >> (typeof vehicle player) >> 'displayName')), (count entities "zZombie_Base"), ({alive _x} count entities "zZombie_Base"), (getPosASL player), (mapGridPosition getPos player), (count([6800, 9200, 0] nearEntities [["Ship"],25000])), (round(getDir player)), (round(180-(serverTime) / 60)) ]; }; };") The coins are using the zombie headshots variable just change <t size='0.95' font='Bitstream' align='left' color='#FFBF00'>Headshots: </t><t size='0.95' font='Bitstream' align='right'>%3</t><br/> to <t size='0.95' font='Bitstream' align='left' color='#FFBF00'>Cash: </t><t size='0.95' font='Bitstream' align='right'>%3</t><br/> as for the bank im cant remember what variable that uses
  5. if and when i was actually going to tell people how to do it i would give you credit..
  6. Anyone interested in this type of bank screen? ( Its all out of place because im not playing in fullscreen)
  7. is there supposed to be a take money from dead bodies option? or does that come in later versions?
  8. Im trying to add a NPC as the banker. i can scroll on the banker and access the ATM but it also gives me the option to "give money to Yuri Popov" How would i remove the give money option without having to add this NPC to the server_traders
  9. Awesome :D Also. I am trying to make it like ccg have it. Quite neat and presentable, How do i make it so it has the comma and "Gold Coins" after the price
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