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  1. Yep, it is exactly what i need. I have my Infistar admins, and also players from different teams. What I want is to give to the leader of each team/clan, the ability of building extra stuff but without Infistar. ThX for the last release !
  2. I like your script ! Just a question, with your last 2.4.0 update, how is it possible to deserve some crafting items to admins (e.g only let to normal players the ability to spawn a bike..) ?
  3. @RAYMIX Thank you so much for this awesome work !!!
  4. uh! What a noobie thing ! :) I haven't check this ...
  5. This should be works, as it works in an other script. I haven't try it yet, just done it after watching your post.. Tell me if it works :P i use my own military event .sqf, so some little things may change from yours https://github.com/arkmal/Hydrium_Epoch/blob/master/Event_military_add_smoke_marker
  6. You still can follow this :
  7. Hi all ! We know that guy who made those files.. i should ask him soon if he can send me his releases.. be patient
  8. arkmal

    Deploy bike script

    yep ! i'm a noob too, but i can share what i've done !
  9. Yes you will. People can choose paraspawn or land spawn
  10. We have exactly the same problem ! Does anyone have an idea about it ?
  11. Hi ! I have tried this today.. I have strictly followed each steps of your explanations.. i've check every steps twice to be sure about typo errors... now the problem is that i stay stuck on the black screen "waiting for the host" Any idea about what it should be?
  12. UP ! :/ Got the same issue, have you find anything to fix it ?
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