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  1. Just tried this out but all I get is "Session lost". Any Ideas whats wrong?
  2. It's that time of the year again so thank you for this ;D
  3. At first look it seems that AI ignores me after I've been inside a safezone. The 60 sec of godmode passed and I could kill them but they simply wouldn't react. Need to test this out a bit more though Edit: Only seems to partially happen when you arrive at the mission before the godmode runs out. The first one I tested didn't react at all the 2nd one did react properly. Gonna test it out a bit more but so far really like it. Thanks for yet another awesome script. Really gotta get some money your way when I can
  4. sorry to dig this up but i basically have the exact same issue =/
  5. Finally decided to give this a try but I'm not even allowed to download the file..
  6. Image? Nowhere. Markers are set in your mission.sqm either compare yours or just use the default one from https://github.com/vbawol/DayZ-Epoch/blob/master/Server Files/MPMissions/DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus/mission.sqm
  7. In your AHconfig.sqf: /* "_UDN": Players can Vote if they want Day- or NighTime !vote day,/vote day, vote day, !vote night,/vote night, vote night */ _UDN = true; /* true or false */ should be on by default I think.
  8. Can anyone tell me what needs to be changed in infistar to make this work? If its the same thing as in the post above about arma 3 then care to elaborate? :x
  9. Something about error: fugitive perished and that his body would be marked for 45 seconds (there was no marker). Could it also be some spawn dummy? I had a unit in infistar named DEAD for a few seconds while a player was connecting when he fully loaded into the game DEAD disappeared
  10. Would it be possible to look for a new fugitve if he spends too much time in safezones/plotareas instead of simply not giving the reward? Just had a player waiting 19 minutes in the safezone =/ Also I think it just chose a bot for the fugitive :D Selected "samuel campbell" but no player actually had that name. after 1 minute it threw an error message and stopped the hunt
  11. Nekuan

    Info menu

    I guess you mean something like this?
  12. Nevermind didn't read properly^^
  13. Seems like players are getting killed for entering the spawned vehicles. Guess I gotta add those to the DZE_safeVehicle array? Edit: Yup, working fine now thanks for the release!
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