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  1. Hi Mate use Taviana 2.0 its just great and works pretty well!
  2. Iv0ry

    Server Performance

    Now i have: Intel Sandy Bridge G530 ~> 2 x 2,4 GHz | I can change (chep) to an: AMD Opteron™ 1381 ~> 4 x 2,5 GHz Can i do some changes on the Server himself actual to push a bit more Performance out it with commands or something?
  3. Hi Folks, at first i am new in the Server-Admin business and unfortunately I do not manage a lot of them. :d I own a pretty sweet Windows Root Server (2 x 2,4 GHz | 4 GB | 1TB HDD) and i wannt to run an DayZ Epoch Cherno Server. Today there was about ~20 Players on the Server and the Server fps are around 9fps -.- (The CPU was about 55%-75% 2,8Gb RAM in use) thats pretty low i think. Nobody said anything about lag but i think the server is running on his peak, is thats right? Why he was so highly admire with so little players count? To smal cpu/ram or its more the db = hdd writes? What can i do to get a bit more Performance? Or is my Server cap 20 players at my hardware? I am grateful for any answer Iv0ry
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