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  1. Ohhh, i see. Thanks for answer, i just try to make this script work with AH in any way, so my ideas are stupid sometimes ) And sorry for really bad eng. It is not my primary lang. ^^
  2. like so grab all your scripts in one and then spawn it like in init [] spawn thisscript; and in variables just add new var for this script And then grab all init of your scripts in var so thisscript = { So you just spawn it and do an exception in AH like so If (!thisscript) then { [] spawn {[] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\init\AH.sqf";}; }; is it possible?
  3. Can we just use spawn and global var to call this script and then make an exception in AH, like by admin GUID, but new and based on global var of script, that owners of AH can choose name to make AH work with this script and not turn off all protection? So you just rename 2-3 vars in script and add an exception to AH with given name...
  4. seems that we need infiSTAR to make this work with AH
  5. Only work for admins. Players can't see tags in 3d or on map, and when they tag friendly nickname not appear in left list, but they can see radio icon. BHF - disabled and i use latest version of AH 329A
  6. With vars and blood all work like a Charm, You are Genius, Sir! ^^ And i have a suggestion: While you in zombie camo you can't run, or you expose yourself. Or add an option to turn this on or off)
  7. Test it, and script work perfect! But not with blood - Epoch have blood regen +10 per 2 sec if you not hungry, so i make some tweaks: 1. Grab this \z\addons\dayz_code\system\player_spawn_2.sqf 2. Change path to player_spawn_2.sqf in compiles 3. In new player_spawn_2.sqf i remove part with regen 4. Made some tweaks in walkamongstthedead.sqf with blood lose
  8. Awesome script! Is there are way to change player blood by -10 per 1 sec instead of humanity? Because with humanity change players can abuse this script to make them bandits easily.
  9. Oh, i see, so Blur are little lier, because he telling me that he only sell AH, and The Creator is hangender, so you are initial creator, and now blur only selling your AH? But who sells AH to blur when you not working with him? I'm confused... I already block BE check on my first server, and on my second i just test some of my scripts so don't need BE there, you are been there and we test Script Executer, lol.
  10. Jokaru

    Chat problems

    ohhh, now i see how this works. THX
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