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  1. keep getting a admin message when using global chat, it used to be ok but recently says ..... apparently been told its a BEC issue. here is my BEC config, i cant see anything in there to do it, can anyone advise, please. Many Thanks [Bec] Ip= Port=2405 BePath=..\config\BattlEye Admins=Admins.xml Commands=Commands.xml [Misc] AutoLoadBans=True Ban=3 ConsoleHeight=45 ConsoleWidth=165 AsciiNickOnly=False AsciiChatOnly=False IgnoreChatChars=€,£,æ,Æ,ø,Ø,å,Å,ö,ä,ü,ß Warnings=-1 MinPlayerNameLength=3 MaxPlayerNameLength=16 WordFilterFile=BadWords.txt WhiteListKickMsg=You are not whitelisted on this server. NickFilterFile=BadNames.txt Scheduler=Scheduler.xml KickLobbyIdlers=0 ChatChannelFiles=false SlotLimit=-1 SlotLimitKickMsg=The Server has reached its player limit. Timeout=300 [ChatRestriction] Lobby=30 Global=30 Side=7 Group=9 Vehicle=11 Command=13 Commander=15 Direct=17 [ChatSpam] Lobby=0 Lobby_Time_Lower=0 Lobby_Time_Upper=0 Global=0 Global_Time_Lower=0 Global_Time_Upper=0 Side=0 Side_Time_Lower=0 Side_Time_Upper=0 Group=2 Group_Time_Lower=1 Group_Time_Upper=3 Vehicle=0 Vehicle_Time_Lower=0 Vehicle_Time_Upper=0 Command=0 Command_Time_Lower=0 Command_Time_Upper=0 Commander=0 Commander_Time_Lower=0 Commander_Time_Upper=0 Direct=0 Direct_Time_Lower=0 Direct_Time_Upper=0
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