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  1. Supplemental:I always wanted to make a irradiated city in Pripyat style and had it to be dangerous with radiation.
  2. Would be awesome ,anything that leads to more post apocalyptic enviroments is warmly welcomed :) keep up mate and hopefullly this could be applied over various maps :)
  3. PM is in your inbox Petunia.Sorry for the long delay,RL issues. Thank you.
  4. I will play as assistance as well to the server and adding flavour
  5. well i will clarify further to dismiss confusion.What i mean is the search and rescue unit will be a feature in the server as it will assist people with medical situations like pick ups,help wounded in battlefields or help stranded survivors in infested zombie areas if they are have no way out.The unit will be working in the model of altis life medical unit and its primary mission is to assist players.I have worked on the editor as well and created the base (chernarus only for now) and i hope it is an interesting addition to a server .Also will help as counceling source concerning rules of server or help in general.I hope this clear things up.Also i can assist in designing new areas like cities or other places. Thank you.
  6. Greetings all,I am an old player in Dayz and i wanted to ask if anyone in any map or setting ,i dont have preferences would like to set up with me as a key feature in the Altis Life standarts a Search and Rescue unit in Epoch,I ask for admins mostly and if they are interested,please private message me for the details. Thank you .
  7. No mate i havent hahah well mining is one of my vices lol shhh dont tell anyone lol!! heheh ,Well another thing would be a nice Chernobyl-sque city or place to be added in the map so we can have any creepier things happening,Falconsan any ideas to raise the creepyness factor?
  8. Final Patch as no more coming out?:(
  9. Any Mines availiable on this map?if not would be nice to have some mines :D!Good work mate i find this map more exciting than boring old Chernarus !!!Keep up the good work!!
  10. Hi all ,i was just to ask,why glass is cost gold like 1 gold and other parts?i find it a bit too expensive to be honest,can someone enlighten me please?thank you .
  11. basically assist Admin with script errors and fixing and possible new add ons but mostly help for errors and general all to do assistance if possible,you speak German my friend?Also i can bring you into contact with the Admin for further details
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