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  1. Yeah i did see your fix after my post :( but now it seems i have a new problem, when players maintain VG they have a unlimited amount of money. but i will need take all mods out again to see :(
  2. Hi jason is there anychance you would be able to put safezones and deploy bike in these files, tried the old ones but keep getting problems with them.
  3. Hi BigEgg i loved your epoch admin tool but now new epoch was released it don't work anymore well not correctly, Players backpacks just clear and safes disappear. i checked the RPT file and when people maintain plot poles i get this error 14:50:29 "MAINTAIN AREA BY Switch - 393 Objects at [13857.8,11755.3,0], Grid: 138036." 14:50:29 Error in expression < %1 objects located @ %2', count _objs, mapGridPosition _pobj]; } else { > 14:50:29 Error position: <mapGridPosition _pobj]; } else { > 14:50:29 Error mapgridposition: Type String, expected Array,Object Hope you can help :)
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