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  1. This is what annoys me about the Arma Community. How bloody vague you all are in explaining anything, expecting everyone to know what youre talking about with no simplification or examples of where to find directories etc. Just find the file..... yeah sure and when it comes up with no results? hmmmm? here is the most easiest way to solve this that took me all night to figure out because of all the run around trying to find a simple answer on how to reset the frikkin DB. Go into Arma 3 eden editor, load up the map like you're going to edit it. go into your campaign init/module and untick "Load from DB". once thats done activate the save option (can't remember where, maybe under settings but it should be there. My brain is scattered from the all nighter), Play the map in through the editor, check to see that the map has in fact reset eg: previously controlled sectors are now neutral etc, Save, Abort, Go back into editor, Turn back on "load from BD", run the game. done and you get to keep all your inventory, money, garage shit too, it should just reset the playing field. I'm also using MCC4 because I don't know what I'm doing but this mod works for me right now if that helps a little bit too. So as my closing. Maybe take a note from the great ole Einstein "If you can't explain it to a 5 year old. You know know what you're talking about"
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