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  1. Okay Josh I am going to tell you something here. First you need to get rid of GTX Gaming and use another server provider. GTX Gaming server files are not configured properly that is why you have a yellow shield in the DayZ Launcher. Battleye needs to be in your server files fully to get a green high security DayZ launcher shield. I have a Chernarus Server and I started with GTX and I got rid of GTX because I fell they suck. I think maybe you should go with Survival Server or just another server provider and install the mods yourself like I have done. Oh and by the way you are welcome from an ex >XI< Member River_Rat
  2. Um, how about just making your image, I hear the best resolution is 1920x960, save it with Text View 2 with the same name, dayz_logo_ca.paa and replace the one that in the server file it is in. Will that work?
  3. Thank you so much for this Debug Monitor it works great on my server, now I am not dependent on InfiStar, I think I love you LOL :)
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