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  1. So I don't think this is the correct fix, but I did find a fix to this issue. I meant to type that I was giving them my external IP address issued by the ISP and the server still wasn't showing up. Every time I would use a random port checking website to check and see if my ports were opened, the port checking website would respond with the ports not being opened on my dedicated server laptop. Well I ended up downloading a trial version of Port Forward Network Utilities and for some reason whenever I have this application open, my ports are magically open and the internal port checker on the application states that the ports that I am testing for are open. Then with the Port Forward Network Utilities being opened I would go back to that random port checking website that I went to earlier and it magically states that my ports are open. Now I'm not entirely sure why just having this application open on my dedicated server laptop opens my ports, but it works and my friends are able to connect to the server remotely. I don't even mess with any settings in the application because all ports were forwarded through the router, but again just having this application open makes things work. I'm sure this isn't the correct way to work it, but it works perfectly and I don't have to temporarily disable any anti-virus or Windows Firewall.
  2. First off, I know this question has been asked a lot on many different sources (reddit, steam, epochmod...), but a lot of the threads I have been reading and trying to follow are from 2014-2016. I finally have a gaming laptop that is able to run this mod and I'm breaking into the scene very late as we are nearing the end of 2020. Please bear with me thank you for any kind of assistance. I am trying to connect Remotely to a dedicated laptop running DayZ Epoch mod, but nothing appears in the Multiplayer Server List. Whenever I go from Multiplayer > Address LAN everything is good and my Server shows up just fine when all laptops are connected to the same WiFi router. The problem is whenever we have a laptop trying to connect Remotely from another physical location, the server does not show up for that specific laptop or any laptop trying to connect remotely. LAN works perfectly and we can play with no problems or issues when at the same location and connected to the same WiFi Router. Currently running ARMA 2 v1.64, DayZ Epoch v1.0.6.2 Server on a laptop dedicated to running DayZ Epoch Server: Ports Forwarded 2300-2305 on IPv4 of Server Laptop on WiFi Router. Windows Firewall Temporarily Turned Off on all involved laptops when playing DayZ Epoch. When clicking "Multiplayer" then "Remote" IPv4 address is entered of Server Laptop: 192.168.X.X and Port is 2302. Every laptop involved has latest Steam version of ARMA 2, ARMA 2 Operation Arrowhead, BAF, PMC, and DayZ Epoch Client Files v1.0.6.2. ARMA 2 version shown in-game is 1.64. Dedicated laptop has the latest Steam version of ARMA 2, ARMA 2 Operation Arrowhead, BAF, PMC, and DayZ Epoch Server Files v1.0.6.2. Multiplayer Server Internet List is always empty regardless of filters. Multiplayer Server LAN List only shows the server we are running. 11_chernarus.cfg - steamport = 2304, steamqueryport = 2303. Not sure what other information is needed to help diagnose the issue, but I am stumped with frustration that this isn't working out. Like I said earlier, any assistance is most definitely appreciated.
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