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  1. I'm sorry im rahter new to being Epoch admin. I cant seem to figure out how to find the epoch.sql, server RPT and the HiveExt.Log. I've once tried to get into SQL editing to add some items to the traders but I couldnt connect to the sql with that mysql dolphin program or couldnt find the right ip for that. Saw a tutorial on that but it was as a local host and not as a dedicated server ( Zap-Hosting). Some advice on that be useful. Im not the stupidset guy on editing but, as reported I couldnt find those files
  2. Peace, I rented a server a while ago and the particular problem is that when I/or other players purchased a vehicle at any given trader (not map related) the vehicle woudnt be spawned in, just after a restart of the server! After testing this and searching for a fix im absolutely sure it hasnt got anything to do with a mod. I had deploy, safezone, and WAI mod. On WAI there is an option to get the key from the mission vehicle. You was able to get the key but the vehicle would just despawn on being entered. Found the last issue also occuring on traders on the internet for others, on which they thought it might be related to the maxVehicle Limit, but it wasnt. Talked to a YT guy (Sicarius) and he suggested it might be the database taking the new bought vehicles into account but wouldnt read back up until server restart. Hope someone can help me out, because this breaks the whole experience especially for the new players on my server! Best Regards LSHJ
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