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  1. Hi all I know I am a little late to the party having only just started with EPOCH in ARMA 3, but I'm hopeing you can help me out getting started setting up a server, doing this on my laptop at the moment as a POC but have a machine i want to move it to long term and have run 24/7. I have a little experience running servers for other games but ARMA seems to be a different beast, I have managed to run vanilla ARMA 3 servers ok, but trying to run Epoch has me stumped, server seems to start up ok, sometimes i can even see it from the ARMA browser and once connected (but was kicked imediately). From looking over the logs it seems to not be loading either ARMA or EPOCH fully / corectly, but i know so little i have no idea what is a real problem or a red herring. Latest attempt logs in pastebin below, if anyone can look over this and give me a hand getting set up i would be very very grateful. https://pastebin.com/wq4eNLkd Thanks Steve
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