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  1. Ah I see... unfortunately it use child 999 to get the data out of the database, epoch does not support this by default :( Anyway, big thanks for the time you have put into it to post it here. I really hope child 999 wil be on epoch soon :(
  2. Think it only works on dayz ST, I have this in my files and it just overwrites with standaard gear :( days.ST maybe has modified hive.dll ? Hive log: 2013-10-27 13:11:46 HiveExt: [Information] Result: ["PASS",false,"8",0,"Survivor2_DZ",0.96] 2013-10-27 13:11:46 HiveExt: [Information] Method: 203 Params: 8:[[ItemFlashlight],[ItemBandage,ItemPainkiller]]:[DZ_Patrol_Pack_EP1,[],[]]: It gives normal items, not the items I have put in the DB. EDIT: Hmm, I think you have uploaded the wrong playerlogin.sqf.. since there is no change from the original as far I can see... Can someone confirm ?
  3. It really depends on which CPU you have, don't stare down on clockspeeds, since A good XEON cpu with 2.4 ghz will most likely be better then a desktop cpu running on 3.0GHZ, so before buying a other CPU, give us a name and model number. Clockspeed doesn't tell the whole story :P
  4. Same ! happend for me and a friend... both when pressing P
  5. Hi, I think adding this donator pack or something like it would make lots of server owners happy :) And it's not really hard either is it :) ?
  6. Because on my previous server, I had like 50 donators. Kinda messy via mission file. Also had a PHP script to add and remove donators. Cronjobs for time left check :)
  7. We are new with epoch and no rules ( yet ) :P We want people to fight to, there are also missions.. So lots of loot and action.
  8. Hello, So I used reality dayz package for a very long time. They have a very good working donator gear package with datavase function. I thought it would be cool and nice to have that in the epoch package aswell. I'm not good at arma coding, I do understand the code when reading it but thats it. Maybe someone here can help or maybe even the epoch dev crew wants this in a release ? PlayerLogin.sqf // Check custom inventory for new characters if (_model == "") then { _key = format["CHILD:999:select replace(cl.`inventory`, '""', '""""') inventory, replace(cl.`backpack`, '""', '""""') backpack, replace(coalesce(cl.`model`, 'Survivor2_DZ'), '""', '""""') model from `cust_loadout` cl join `cust_loadout_profile` clp on clp.`cust_loadout_id` = cl.`id` where clp.`unique_id` = '?':[%1]:",str(_playerID)]; _data = "HiveEXT" callExtension _key; //Process result _result = call compile format ["%1", _data]; _status = _result select 0; if (_status == "CustomStreamStart") then { if ((_result select 1) > 0) then { _data = "HiveEXT" callExtension _key; _result = call compile format ["%1", _data]; _inventory = call compile (_result select 0); _backpack = call compile (_result select 1); _model = call compile (_result select 2); }; }; }; create table if not exists cust_loadout ( id bigint unsigned not null auto_increment, inventory varchar(2048) not null, backpack varchar(2048) not null, model varchar(100) default null, primary key pk_cust_loadout (id) ) character set utf8 engine=InnoDB; create table if not exists cust_loadout_profile ( cust_loadout_id bigint unsigned not null, unique_id varchar(128) not null, primary key pk_cust_loadout_profile (cust_loadout_id, unique_id), foreign key fk1_cust_loadout_profile (cust_loadout_id) references cust_loadout (id), foreign key fk2_cust_loadout_profile (unique_id) references profile (unique_id) ) character set utf8 engine=InnoDB; Anybody that can help me with this? Please let me know :)
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