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  1. Hi! I'm the zeus for a small group of players(about 12) and i'm looking for an easy to use server. Currently i switch between hosting from my local computer and a G-portal server. Sadly with G-portal the use of mods is a very tasking manual process where i have to zip the mods, upload them via a FTP connection, create a ticket and have them unzip the mods. https://sarkariresult.onl/ Mobdro https://pnrstatus.vip/ After that i still have to place the keys in the key folder. Everytime a mod updates i have to do this process again. Is there a server host that automates the downloading and updating of mods? Regards.
  2. I am playing on an ARMA3 EPOCH server and if I die, when I choose my gender it comes up saying "Loading Player Inventory... Please Wait" and gets stuck here for a few minutes before kicking me out with "authentication error" Twice now the admin has fixed it by deleting my character info however not being able to die AT ALL is kind of killing the game. Anyone seen this before? I have tried : Removing ARMA, DLC, MODS, APPDATA Cache, MY Docs Profile and starting all from scratch. Using the same ARMA install with a different steam account and profile works fine (until I die) and using the same steam account but different profiles has the same issue.
  3. Hey everyone, So back in 2014 I used to play a lot of DayZ Epoch through the Arma 2 mod. I used to have a regular server that I would play on everyday and I was part of a community I loved. The Epoch mod for Arma 2 made playing Dayz so enjoyable for me because of the long term investment. For example, I have such fond memories of doing solo loot runs. Packing my Humvee full of weapons and ammo and driving it out to a small camp I had out in the woods outside of Starry Sobor. Then using a ghile suit to pick other players off from a distance to scavenge their loot. I'd be able to take all that loot back to my base which was hidden in an abandoned farm house - far away from all player conflict. The point I'm trying to make is that playing Epoch on Arma II was like a second life for me. I had a base, hidden outposts, friends, and there were player gangs which I was familiar with. It wasn't just a simple cycle of killing and looting. There was always something to do - whether that be looting, trading, scouting, PVP, PVE, missions, or expanding my base.
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